MAC Pro Longwear concealer review

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I’ve been searching for the perfect concealer lately and chose to try MAC pro longwear concealer due to a suggestion from a friend. I’ve had a vast amount of concealers, all of which have at some point unfortunately been downgraded to my ‘just in case’ makeup bag. Maybe because my foundation is so great, I haven’t always felt the need to wear a concealer or maybe just because I’ve yet to find a concealer that suits me. (If you want to check out my review of the aforementioned foundation, you can do so here.)

So I took the plunge and bought this concealer. It took me a lot of research to decide which shade to go for, but in the end I went with NW15, which is the palest warm shade with pink undertones. Now, if I was to buy the foundation I’d possibly buy a shade darker, but as this is a concealer I chose the paler shade as I want to use it to slightly illuminate under my eyes because of my dark shadows! (I hope you’re all following this because Mac shades are confusing at the best of times.)

The first time I tried pro longwear concealer I was amazed at how little product I needed to use to get a good amount of coverage. The image below shows the amount of concealer needed.

amount of concealer

I choose to apply under my eyes with my finger, and dab it on lightly. I also tried using a sponge but I find that sponges absorb and waste a lot of product. It goes on smoothly however, it dries and sets pretty quickly so you have to fix it into place fast, which can be a bit of a down point. But when its set it doesn’t budge and it lasts all day which is great! I would not say that this product creases a lot, as it is much better than any other concealers I’ve tried, but it can create slight creases if you don’t smooth it on when applying.

As I mentioned before, the coverage is fantastic and it really does illuminate under the eyes.
mac coverage

Pro longwear concealer is great for a day when you haven’t got time to do full makeup when you wake up late and in a rush. I have wore this concealer with no foundation, using just a loose powder instead. I also have chosen to put this concealer on before my foundation, something you don’t usually do with concealer but after trying it on over my foundation I prefer the look when it’s under. But that’s personal choice!

One tip I’d strongly suggest when using pro longwear concealer is to thoroughly moisturize and prime before applying because the formula seems to be quite drying unless you do this.

As with most high end products, MAC can be rather expensive and the pro longwear concealer is no different. It costs £18 for a 9ml bottle but personally I think it’s worth it as you don’t have to use much product each time, so I would purchase it again when I eventually run out.








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