MAC lipstick faves!

Hello readers,

A lot of us have a great love for lipstick. It can totally transform a whole look or make a bad day that much better. Perhaps one of the biggest brands (especially for lipstick) has to be MAC. At £15.50 each, it takes a while to get a decent amount of colours. I by no means am a MAC lipstick expert, but I’d just like to share with you a couple of my favourite mattes.



Number 1 = Pink plaid – A dusty muted pink shade with blue undertones. Works really well with pale skin. Just the right amount of matte! It’s easy to apply as it has enough moisture but it also stays on for a really long time. I only top up after I’ve eaten, if that. I wore this constantly in the Winter because the blue tones seem to just match the cold.

Number 2 = Honeylove – The first nude matte I ever bought which is why it’s made the list! Honeylove is the definition of nude, its what you’d imagine for a nude lipstick. The staying power seems to be slightly less with this one than the other colours but it’s a great colour that basically works with anything. Ideal when you’re just not sure which colour to choose.

Number 3 = Flat out fabulous – Such a bright vibrant pink which I’ve worn the hell out of this Summer! I love it because it makes me feel glamourous and it’s ideal when you need a bit of a colour burst. I like it best when I have a bit of a tan. It’s quite drying so make sure you prep your lips before applying otherwise its tough to get on smoothly. I rarely top this up when wearing it, it doesn’t tend to budge.

Number 4 = Diva – This is the shade I am wearing in the set image. It’s a deep red which, again, gives you that glam feel. I think it works particularly well you’re wearing greys and blacks. I find that sometimes bright reds are a bit much with paler skin which is why this darker alternative is a better option for me. I think this will be a perfect colour for the Autumn. Like Flat out fabulous it’s a bit drying but the staying power is amazing with this shade.

Number 5 = Please me – This ones pretty similar to Pink plaid however its a bit brighter and hasn’t got the blue undertones in it. It’s a great colour for the Spring. It’s got plenty of moisture in it so goes on really easily and stays on pretty well.

Number 6 = Velvet Teddy – Relatively a new one for me, even though it’s been one of the most popular shades, perhaps because I hate the Kardashians… I realised that’s a stupid reason though and took the plunge! I have to admit that I love it. It’s a deeper nude than Honeylove so look great with anything but also love to wear it to a party or a night out. It stays on surprisingly well for a nude too which is fab!


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