Mascara drama: finding the perfect mascara

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One thing that can be super hard to find, is a good mascara! I’ve been through so many different ones and have dozens of basically full ones in my makeup draws and bags. I have now decided on four (drug store affordable) favorites that I’d love to share with you guys who are going through the same mascara drama that I’ve been through TOO many times.

maybelline the rocket

Maybelline the rocket volum’ express

This mascara adds quite a lot of length to the lashes and gives a great curl. Gives quite a dramatic look, especially when paired with winged eye liner (missed off the pictures so you can see the mascara better). You can wear multiple coats without it clumping and flaking off which is great when you want that extra dramatic look for a night out. It takes a little bit longer than some other mascaras to dry so make sure you hold still for a while to avoid smudging under your eye. All in all a great mascara that is definitely worth buying! £7.99 at Boots.


False lash flutterL’oreal false lash flutter

I absolutely love the brush of this mascara as the curve and different length bristles allow you to really get to the root of the lashes and bring them out for a really long look. The over all affect of this mascara is similar to Maybellines The Rocket, however it is a little less dramatic and smudges a little less often. Although the name suggests a fake look, the mascara actually creates a more natural feel with just awesome length! Which is great for me. £10.99 at Boots.



Maybelline MNYMaybelline great lash blackest black

This mascara is much smaller than the average mascara, but I still think it’s worth having in your makeup bag! The small brush allows you to get right into the corners of your eyes. It isn’t a mascara I’d wear for a night out or anything important but I love it if I’m going for a more subtle and natural look. It’s super black (as the name suggests) and pretty thickening, it just doesn’t add as much length and curl as the other mascaras that made my list. However, it’s really cheap and has its uses. £4.99 at Boots.

L'oreal million lashesL’oreal volume millions lashes fatale

This has literally everything I look for in a mascara and that’s why it is my all time fave and go to, especially when my eyes are needing a ‘pick me up’. The short bristles on the brush allow each individual lash to be coated in mascara. It’s extra black and thickening and adds fab length. If you’re looking for a mascara that works for any occasion then this is definitely one to go for. On the picture to the left I have applied 2-3 coats, however if you want it to look a little more natural then just add one coat. £9.99 at Boots.






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