Modern Renaissance palette review by Anastasia Beverly Hills

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Since I ordered my Modern Renaissance palette I’ve been sooo excited to review it for you! When it came I was even more excited because it’s so beautiful. To start with, the packaging is amazing. It comes in a pink box and the external packaging of the actual palette is pink velvet. There are 14 shadows on the palette and the colours are all so gorgeous, pigmented, soft and blend really well on the eye as it’s such high quality. I’ve had lots of fun playing around with the colours and learning which shades work well together. My favourite ones to use have been the orange and red shades (Burnt Orange, Red Ochre and Realgar) and also the shimmer shades (Vermeer and Primavera). It’s pretty pricey as you would expect but I honestly think it’s worth it if you’re looking for a top quality popular eyeshadow palette, we all deserve to treat ourselves sometimes right?
One thing that’s definitely worth mentioning is that the brush that comes with it is so usable and soft! Which was a surprise as usually you get terrible brushes in eye shadow palettes. So don’t be afraid to use the brush. By all means use other brushes too. (I’ve been using the EcoTools brushes along with the one that comes with the palette)



Tempera – Nude/beige matte shade. I use this as a base usually going all over my eye lid for a clean even finish.
Golden Ochre – A golden matte shade in between yellow and brown which is great to blend with most of the colours on the palette for smooth transitions.
Vermeer – Metallic finish white/pink shell shade which is awesome for highlighting the eye, for example on the brow bone.
Buon Fresco – Mauve lavender matte shade which is gorgeous and unique. I haven’t seen many other shades like it in other palettes I have bought.
Antique Bronze – A Metallic brown/bronze colour which works so well with basically every other shade. Brill for a smokey eye.
Love Letter – Such a pretty pink/red colour but be careful because it can go a little more patchy than the other shades. Less pink and more red on the eye, (on mine anyway!).
Cyprus Umber – Deep, almost chocolate, brown matte shade. The deepest shade on the palette which I love to smoke under the eye and around the outer V for definition.


Raw Sienna – A lovely golden tan brown matte shade which is fab for transitioning.
Burnt Orange – Quite a bright yet deep matte orange. Probably my favourite shade in the palette. I’ve been rocking the orange/red shades and this works really well as a base.
Primavera – An awesome golden metallic shade which is so nice when you want the extra shimmer and to stand out a bit more. I’m in love with with shade.
Red Ochre – A dark red matte colour which is so perfect for the upcoming autumn months, I know I’m going to wear the hell out of it. Bonfire night must!! (I know I’m months off but who cares)
Venetian Red – Lovely crimson red shade, however like with Love Letter it’s a little harder to blend and can go patchy so be careful when using!
Warm Taupe – A neutral grey brown matte shade. I’ll admit, I’ve only used this shade once so it’s probably going to be slightly neglected but it’s there if I need it.
Realgar – A beautiful deep orange matte shade which is so pigmented and again, one of my faves.

Overall I love this product and I’m really happy that I decided to buy it and I won’t regret it. However, one thing to consider is that, although the colour range is fantastic as there are 14 shades, you don’t really get as much product as some other eye palettes. But honestly, the warm shades in this palette are probably the best ones I’ve seen in a long time and I’ve already had so much fun with this palette and it’s made me feel amazing. So if you’ve been thinking about buying this, I recommend it! Feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to know what you think.


Orange and gold eye! Includes: Tempera, Burnt Orange, Realgar and Primavera







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