‘My boyfriend explains what makeup is’ tag!

Hello readers!!

I’ve seen this concept a lot on WordPress and I thought it’d be pretty fun to join in on! I don’t think he knows an awful lot about makeup, but he could surprise me because I do talk about it a lot.. Lets see how much he’s taken in!


BB Cream: *confused look followed by long stare at the floor* brows and bridge… (Off to a brilliant start)

Primer: Something you put on before you put on foundation to make it shiny.

Foundation: It’s meant to match skin tone and provide even coverage of your face to cover any blemishes… yeah come at me. (Pretty impressive really)

Powder: It’s like flour!! It puffs white on your face.

Brow Gel: Like hair gel for your eyebrows, so all the hairs stay the right way.

Eye Shadow: Put it on your eyelids to bring out the colour of your eyes.

Eyeliner: Goes around your eye… the thing that lots of girls mess up because it’s too thick and you know its good when you have a flick at the side so it’s on fleek. (Perfectionist…)

Mascara: What you put on your eyelashes or you can just get fake ones.

Corrector: It’s like foundation for when you’ve finished your makeup and then look at yourself in the mirror and you need correcting.

Contour: For after foundation to show a different shade in your temple area.. (He tried)

Blush: Pink for your cheeks.

Bronzer: It makes you a bit shinier, the bronze effect.

Highlighter: When you highlight text you can still see the words underneath so when you put it over foundation it’s to make it stand out but so you can still see the foundation. That’s probably how it got it’s name.

Setting spray: Put it on after foundation and stuff so it sets nice and doesn’t come off.

Lip liner: Eyeliner for your lips but not black.

Side note- He want’s me to tell you all about his idea to apparently revolutionize lipstick. Put one colour on your top lip and a different one on your bottom lip. I’ll leave that with you readers.

Well there it is!! He’s very proud of himself and thinks he’s done amazingly. Bless. He hasn’t done too bad. This tag was so much fun to do and we had a giggle. Let me know if you do it with your partner.

Thanks for reading.



  1. October 21, 2016 / 4:15 am

    This was super funny! Glad you guys had fun with it

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