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So my original plan was to just review the Nivea Micellar Water  because I’ve fallen in love with it, but then I thought I’d share my whole face care routine instead because it took me ages to find a good one that I actually recognise is doing so well for my face. A bit about my skin background: I’ve never had the best skin as it’s pretty sensitive and very dry. That being so has made is difficult to find products that are strong enough to take care of the dryness yet gentle enough to be kind to the my sensitive skin. I’ve been through tonnes of face washes which all seemed to make my face really tight and red and basically sucked. There’s been times I’ve resorted to just using makeup wipes to clean my face because I couldn’t be doing with yet another break out caused by a reaction to some fancy face product. That is, until now! I spent a LONG time in Superdrug looking through and reading the different types of washes in there and I’ve finally found products that work perfectly for me.

A common misconception is that if you buy an expensive high end product you’ll have more luck in finding a good one that suits you, and this is totally not the case. As you will see, my products aren’t completely high end at all. In fact they are mostly Superdrugs own brand. The reason why I decided to go for those ones is because they don’t have all the unnecessary chemicals in there which you are actually paying for in a lot of the high end products.These added chemicals are just potential allergic reaction for me and probably a lot of you out there who also have sensitive skin. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure out there somewhere I could find a natural face wash for £50 or more that would work really well for me, but why bother when these Superdrug ones work just as well?


Step one – The gentle foaming facial wash from the Superdrug range. Like I mentioned above, it’s a pretty basic product but that’s exactly what I need. I chose the version for dry skin, however they had one for other types too so if you’re looking to buy this, obviously just choose the one which best fits your skin. All’s you need is 2-3 pumps of this stuff into the palm of your hand. Just massage it gently into wet skin then rinse off!


Step two – The gentle creamy cleanser for dry skin from the Superdrug range. Again, pretty basic but really great. It kind of looks more like a moisturiser in the hand and it does act a little bit that way too but it’s fab. Massage into wet skin then rinse off. Be careful not apply too much product as I did the first couple of times.


Step three – Nivea’s Micellar Water for dry skin. I absolutely love this product as it’s sooo refreshing to the skin and seems to remove all impurities. I apply some to a cotton wool pad. I’ve been using the ‘my little star’ ones from Superdrug. I know those are actually for babies but they are so soft and bigger than a normal cotton wool pad. I really recommend this product for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.
Not only do I use this as the last step of my daily face routine every morning, I also use it every night to take my makeup off as it gets it all off so much better than any makeup wipes I’ve had, without having to rub the skin harshly.


That’s it!! I’ve been doing this for a while now and my skin is already so much better, a lot softer and definitely less red. These products are really kind to the skin and also pretty cheap. Don’t forget to moisturise too though. I use the Garnier moisture+ nourish for dry skin.

Thanks for reading, hope you’ve found this helpful.


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