September Favourites

Hey guys, so it’s finally October which means it’s definitely time to do a September faves so you all know what I’ve been loving this month!! I’ve been really enjoying reading everyone else’s favourites too so I hope you enjoy mine.


Firstly, my first ever PINK body mist *Gasps*. There’s a new Victoria’s Secret shop here and I couldn’t resist having a look in. I bought some other stuff too but this spray smells divine!! It’s the ‘Wild & Breezy’ one and has notes of Red Guava and Passion Flower. To me it mostly smells fruity and I love it. It lasts a decent amount of time but it is only a body mist so won’t last all day. I really do recommend it though. It’s also two for £18 which is fab.


Another spray I’ve been absolutely loving is Zoella’s ‘Let’s Spritz’. at £8 from Superdrug it works out at almost the same price as the PINK one. So it depends which kind of thing you prefer really. I’d say this one last’s a little bit longer and smells pretty similar to the PINK one: fruity. However this one has a little bit more of that generic ‘Perfumy’ scent. I’ll definitely be buying this again when it’s ran out.


I don’t know if it’s a little bit weird to include drugstore shampoo & conditioner in a monthly favourites post, but I’m going to anyway. I heard that this fibrology shampoo is really good for fine hair that often looks greasy even if it has just been washed. I thought that I must try it because I’ve been really struggling with that lately. I have to wash my hair once a day, and sometimes I feel like washing it more than that!! Which isn’t great for the hair follicles. I have to admit, it has made a bit of a difference, so if you have similar problems I suggest trying it out. It also smells so nice, kind of like talcum powder. The shampoo and conditioner are £3.99 each from Superdrug.


Now this one, I’m pretty sure a lot of you will have tried before, as have I. It’s the Soap and Glory ‘The Righteous Butter’. I just found it at the bottom of one of my draws and thought I’d use it up. Best decision ever! It soaks in so quickly and feels lovely and smooth on the legs. I love it after a shower and will end up buying it again I’m sure. It’s £10 at Boots for a 300ml pot.


Now this one has been a literal godsent gift!! It’s the True Match Highlighter in Icy Glow by L’oreal. My skin in so dry, which I’ve mentioned before, so I don’t like putting so much powder on it. Which kind of rules out a lot of powder highlighters. I found this one whilst browsing in Superdrug and tried it on my hand and the colour was sooo nice. It’s like a pearly pink and I just couldn’t say no. It works really well with pale skin. It’s also only £6.99 from Boots which is amazing, I’d pay much more than that!!!

That’s it!! Have you tried any of these products, or are you planning too? Let me know in the comments below!

Jazmin xx

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