Green shades cut and crease – Sultry Technic palette (Halloween!!)

If you’ve read my latest blog post Body care & Primark Haul – Budget friendly makeup then you’ll know I recently got a mini eye shadow palette with some greeny blue looking shades. I thought these types of colours could work really well for around Halloween time. I don’t think I’d use green shades on my eyes very often, but as I said, Halloween made me want to try it

I decided I’d do a quick post on a easy cut and crease using this SUPER cheap mini palette. Which literally cost under £3.

First I took a neutral nude shade from a different palette (The nudes Maybelline) to get an even lid. I’m sure everyone has some sort of nude shade somewhere!

Then it’s onto the Sultry palette!!


First I took my EcoTools Shade brush and put a small amount of the shade labelled 1 into my crease, once that was blended I added the shade labelled 2 and then the shade labelled 3 with the same EcoTools brush, being careful not to add too much, as a little goes a long way. After that I blended the colours with my EcoTools Blend brush.
Once I was happy with that I took a small amount of Mac Pro Longwear concealer with a Real Techniques detail brush and put it on my lid to neaten up the cut and crease. I made the cut as clear as possible between my lid and my crease. Once I was satisfied with the cut, I used the sponge brush that came with the Sultry palette, dampened. I padded on the shade labelled 4 all over my lid.
And that’s it really for the eyesadow! I added Rimmel Waterproof liquid eyeliner and Manga L’oreal mascara.

I might wear this look on Saturday when I go out with my best friend for Halloween! Let me know what you think in the comments I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Jazmin xx









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