New buys for holidays

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow morning I’m heading off to Malta for a week and I’m super excited! So if you don’t see much activity from my blog this coming week, you know why. I’ll be back with you next Friday.

Since we’re only taking hand luggage, I can’t take much liquid with me, which means cutting my makeup supplies right down! And it also means buying new travel size things!! I’ve been into Superdrug this morning and here’s what I’ve got to take with me.


I have a big tub of moisturiser here at home but it definitely exceeds the 100ml limit. I’ve never used the Nivea soft moisturiser, which I suppose is a bit of a risk to buy to take away with me… but I’m feeling lucky. It does feel super soft on my hands so hopefully it will do perfectly.

Hair clips!! We all buy about a million packets of these and somehow they all seem to get lost. It’s a total mystery. These are definitely an essential for my holidays.

I picked up some cheap travel size hairspray just incase my hair goes frizzy in the heat. I’m not massive on hairspray which is why I haven’t got an expensive brand. I think it should be fine for my purposes.


My L’oreal primer and Rimmel waterproof liquid eyeliner are both re-buys. I’m running low on both of these and didn’t want to risk taking half empties away with me. They are both products I’ve mentioned a number of times on my blog.

The L’oreal true match foundation in Ivory is a newbie for me. A lot of people have been talking about it and I’ve been really loving L’oreal products lately so I thought I’d give it a go.. My Max Factor and Estee Lauder foundations are, again, half empty, so I didn’t wanna risk taking them. I’ll try this foundation properly today to see if it’s okay to take away. Fingers crossed!!

I’ll also be taking other makeup things that I already have in to of course. Like mascara, highlighter etc :-)! What do you think of these things? Have you had any of them before? Let me know your opinion! I’ll see you all soon.
Lots of love,
Jazmin xx


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