Nivea Soft moisturiser review

I think I’ve finally found a good moisturiser!!

It may surprise some of you that I’ve never actually tried Nivea moisturiser before now, despite the fact I’ve always had super dry, often sore, skin. I’ve leant towards moisturisers that state they are specially for dry skin, such as Garnier Moisture+.
At times my dry skin has got so bad I’ve had to use moisturisers and face wash from the doctors. However lately, thanks to my new(ish) face washing products my skins a little less dry. (You can check out my face care routine here).

For my holidays I had to get a travel size moisturiser so I took a trip to Superdrug and finally decided on Nivea Soft. I chose Nivea because I’m in love with my Nivea Micellar water at the minute. The packaging of the 75ml is simple looking and the product comes out of the tube with a little squeeze which is perfect. However, the larger quantity’s come in a tub which is honestly really irritating. You’d think a big brand like Nivea would have realised and acted upon the hygiene issues that come along with putting their product in a tub. I don’t like the idea of dipping my fingers into a tub every day. I’m glad the one I got was in a tube and next time I buy it I think I will stick to the 75ml tube even though it works out cheaper to buy the tub.

The product: I really love everything else about it. It says you can use it on your whole body but I have just used it for my face. It has the typical ‘Nivea’ smell (I know you all know what I mean), which is super fresh and leaves the skin feeling the same way: fresh. It glides onto the skin and you only need a small amount of it to leave your skin feeling super super soft and smooth. It includes Jojoba oil (the same oil included in Lush lip scrubs!!)  which really helps add to this smooth feeling. There is a slight shine that’s left on your face but that does go away in a few minutes. I use this twice a day. In the morning before I apply makeup and in the evening once I’ve taken it off as part of my face routine.

The one thing I’d say to be careful with is applying too much. If you apply too much it can feel greasy rather than fresh on the face! But this is the case with most mositurisers.

Over all I really love this product and will definitely be buying it again!!
Whats your go to moisturiser? will you be trying this one? Thanks for reading.

Jazmin xx


  1. November 19, 2017 / 7:18 pm

    I love Nivea products! They are affordable and pretty good!

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