Cut and crease warm tones using ABH Modern Renaissance

I woke up this morning and my skin felt really smooth and fresh which put me in a ‘makeup mood’ despite the fact I had nothing but a 2 hour lecture to leave the house for all day. Regardless of that though, I decided to wack out my ABH Modern Renaissance palette to create a cut and crease. It actually went okay (yay) so I decided to share it with you guys. Now eyeshadow has never actually been my strong point but lately I’ve been gradually getting a little bit better!!

– First I took the shade Golden Ochre and applied it all over my natural crease with the fluffy side of the ABH brush given in the palette. This shade is such a great transition colour for loads of looks!
– Next, using the same brush, I used Raw Sienna in the same place to warm the crease up a little.
– Then I used the flatter side of the same brush to put Red Ochre more precisely into my crease than the previous two shades.
– I did exactly the same with Realgar over Red Ochre.
– Once all these shades were blended well I took my Lottie London Blend in brush to Cyprus Umber right into my crease to add much more depth.
– I used my EcoTools shade brush to add a little Red Ochre and Cyprus Umber ontm my lower lash line.
– I took my Real Techniques detail brush and applied Mac Pro Longwear concealer all over my lid up to my crease to create that sharp line. Once that was done I set it with the shade Tempera.

And that’s it for shadow!!  I added Rimmel waterproof liquid eyeliner and Dimples eyelashes to complete the look. I hope you like it. Let me know in the comments below!


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