Blogmas day 5: Secret Santa ideas

Secret Santa can be really tough, specially when you don’t know the person you are buying for well. It can be hard to find presents that are somewhat universal and not really person specific. For example, not EVERYONE would be thrilled with ¬†Frozen themed everything.I decided to put together a list that you might find useful.

1. Candles
Most people love candles, and there are a few scents that most people love too. The best thing about this gift is that there are so many different price ranges on candles and you can choose one to fit your budget. If your budget is a bit more than candles you could also add a candle holder or wax burner. My personal favourite candle at the minute is Snowflake Cookie by Yankee, it’s Christmas themed too!

2. Makeup

If you’re buying for a makeup lover you can’t go wrong with makeup. Eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polish’s are probably the best things to go for in regards to Secret Santa.

3. Bath products – E.G. Lush

Bath products make a great gift for men or women and there is so many different items and brands on the market that it should be pretty easy to find a nice little gift set. Lush is a great option as there are some amazing Christmas themed things out this year. My personal favourite is Candy Mountain bubble bar.

4. Food/Drink

Food is never a bad gift in my opinion. There are masses of chocolate products out there and who doesn’t like chocolate? A great idea would be to bake something yourself and this can also be pretty cheap. Be sure to check out my recipe for gingerbread syrup¬†here, as this would be an awesome present. A bottle of wine or some other form of alcohol could be a good present too (depending on who you’re buying for obviously!)

5. Hat and Scarf

One year for Secret Santa I received a hat and scarf set and I absolutely loved it. In this cold weather it is also a really useful present. You could also add gloves.

6. Mug

You can get some really lovely mugs from a million places. Most super markets have quite a good selection of mugs if you’re really struggling. You could fill a mug with sweets and chocolate to make it a little more interesting.

7. Cath Kidston

For a woman specially, Cath Kidston is a lovely brand. You can get little bags, purses, mugs, notebooks, even socks and much more. The design is really pretty and this would make a perfect Secret Santa gift.

8. Stationary

Stationary is a lovely present and most people look a good notepad. I know I do. You can find lots of nice ones in bookstores and even super markets. Add a fancy pen and a notepad together and you’ve got yourself a nice little gift.


I hope this list has helped someone and thankyou for reading.
Jazmin xx

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