Blogmas day 6: Christmas bucket list

There are so many things Christmas related that I want to do this month, unfortunately it’s practically impossible to fit them all in along side my assignments and Christmas shopping. However I wanted to compile a list of things I aim to do this Christmas. I don’t know how many of them I will achieve but I’ll definitely give it a good go!

  1. Watch the Home Alone movies. – I’ve only seen the first one really recently and I enjoyed it a lot so I am definitely going to be watching the other movies this month.
  2. Do some baking. – I enjoy baking quite a lot, despite not being all that good at it. This month though I want to do a few bakes and I will be sure to post the recipes on my blog!
  3. Do a random act of kindness. – Christmas time is all about spreading love and happiness and I really want to join in on that this year. I’m not sure what I will do yet, maybe I could buy a homeless person some lunch and a hot drink.
  4. Visit Christmas markets. – Here at University I live directly across from some Christmas Markets. I have been for a drink in the Christmas market bar which is at the edge of the markets but other than that I haven’t checked the stalls out. I will definitely do that before going home for Christmas.
  5. Go ice skating. – The last time I went ice skating I was about 4 or 5 and my Dad broke a rib so I cried most of the time. I hope to change my memory of ice skating into something a little more positive this year.
  6. Drink hot chocolate. – Quite a simple one but there’s nothing like some hot chocolate to put you in a festive mood!
  7. Build a Snowman. – I mean, it’s all weather dependent if I will be able to do this one. but if it snows, do you wanna build a snowmannnnn? (come on. Lets go and play.)
  8. Game night. – Board games and such really remind me of Christmas and I want to make sure I play a couple this year!! I really enjoy them, despite not being that great at most of them.
  9. Make paper snowflakes. – I used to love this when I was younger!


That’s it!! I hope I complete all of these but if not all, at least most. What are your aims for December?

Jazmin xx

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