Blogmas day 7: Rocky roads

Today I decided to make Rocky Roads, which are a favourite of mine all year round but especially at Christmas time!! The recipe is super simple and anyone can do it. It’s pretty messy but that’s part of the fun.

Ingredients you will need:
200g of dark chocolate (I used milk chocolate instead but most recipes say use dark)
2-3 table spoons of golden syrup
135g butter or margarine
200g rich tea biscuits
100g mini marshmallows or chopped full size marshmallows



1. Break up the rich tea biscuits into little pieces. You can do this by placing them into a little sandwich bag and bashing them with a rolling pin.

2. In a large sauce pan melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup on a low heat so the chocolate doesn’t burn, stirring continuously until there are no lumps.

3. Line a square baking tray with tin foil or baking paper.

4. Add mini marshmallows (or chopped marshmallows) and the biscuits into the pan with the chocolate mixture and stir all together until all the pieces of marshmallow ans biscuit are completely covered and distributed throughout the chocolate.

5. Pour the mixture in the pan and spread out ensuring it is all even and into the corners of the pan.

6. Refrigerate for at least two hours.


They taste delicious. Let me know if you try this recipe 🙂

Jazmin xx


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