Blogmas day 20: The most wonderful time of year?

Christmas is meant to be the happiest time of the year, and in many way it is. Spending time with family, giving and receiving, relaxing… I think most people enjoy the Christmas period, me being one of them. But for Blogmas today, I thought it was important to think about the stresses of Christmas and things to bare in mind. I will try to include some ways to over come these stresses in my post too!

The money stresses related to Christmas can be immense. Like a lot of people, I enjoy buying people presents. It’s part of the joy of Christmas. But being a student, I don’t have enough money to splash the cash on all of my loved ones! For a while, I worried about this, but then I decided to set clear budgets. People know we can’t afford the world, and it really is the thought that counts.

Time management can be difficult at this time of the year. Many of us have school/uni/work deadlines to meet, along with buying presents and prepping generally for the big day. I think the most organised person in the world would find this hard. Next year I will remember to start all these things earlier!!

Seeing the extended family can be stressful for some people. Personally, I really enjoy it. But I know some people aren’t very close with family members and sometimes don’t get on. It can hard to spend ‘the best day of the year’ with people you don’t get on with.

The pressure of pleasing people with presents, Christmas dinner, entertainment. It can all be too much. I worry far too much about these things myself. Again, as I said earlier, it’s the thought that counts and if someone made Christmas dinner for you and forgot the carrots, you wouldn’t really mind would you?

It’s important to still spend time on yourself at Christmas. Relax and pamper yourself because that’s what the holidays are about. Think about yourself and not JUST others!!

Things you can do to help you relax:
Have a bath
Read a book
Get an adult colouring book
Take a walk
Treat yourself
Take a day off watching TV

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