16 favourites for 2016

Happy new year everyone!!! I hope you all had a great weekend. I turned 20 this weekend so the start of 2017 couldn’t have been any better. Wishing you all happiness for the year.

Since it is the end of the year, I wanted to share with you the top things I’ve loved in 2016. I’ve seen lots of these posts so far and I’m sure there is more to come and I can’t wait to read them. Let’s get into it!


1. Nivea Soft Moisturiser
I found this about half way through the year and I’ve been HOOKED since. My skin has never felt so amazing and I 100% believe this moisturiser is a massive reason why. I love how much it hydrates my naturally dry skin, without leaving it feeling sticky like some other products tend too. I don’t think I’ll be changing this moisturiser any time soon.

2. L’oreal Volume Million Lashes Fatale
I think it can be difficult to choose a mascara as there are so many great ones you can get! This has been my favourite one of the year as it doesn’t clump yet still achieves a lot of volume and length. The only downside is that I think the mascara in the tube can dry out fairly fast which is a bummer. I still love it though!

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette
I don’t think I’ve met a single person who has tried this palette that didn’t love it. The shadows are sooo pigmented and creamy and just apply like a dream. This has been my go to palette of 2016 to create day time and night time looks. No doubt I’ll be continuing this in 2017. If you want to see my full review of this, you can do so here.

4. L’oreal True Match foundation
This foundation is such a lovely one for every day use that I have loved in 2016. The shade range is fantastic and the coverage is definitely buildable so it suits me whatever I feel like doing with my face that particular day. I think it’s ideal for most types of skin, although I think I’d stay clear if I had super oily skin as it can go a little shiny after wearing for a long time, but for me that is nothing that can’t be fixed with a bit of powder. I use Ivory, in case anyone wanted to know.

5. Bristows hairspray
I adore this hairspray!! It holds the hair in place perfectly without it feeling dry and like cardboard. My curls stay in basically until I wash my hair when I use this and it doesn’t feel awful. It’s also a really cheap product which is definitely a bonus as I used to use the TRESemme one. I’ll definitely stick to this one in 2017.

6. MAC Pink Plaid matte lipstick
I couldn’t do a yearly favourites without including my favourite MAC lipstick of all time. I wore this a lot in the summer time mostly. You can’t go wrong with a pale pink matte with blue undertones. I like to add a lip gloss on top of this one sometimes and it looks beautiful. My go to and I very much recommend it.

7. Nivea Micellar water
Micellar waters have been very popular this year and I decided to jump on the hype and try it out; I must say, this Nivea one did not disappoint. I usually remove my makeup with a wipe and then go in with this to take off the excess and I cannot believe just how much excess there is. It’s crazy that all this used to be left on my face as I thought my wipe was taking it all off. The Nivea one is super hydrating and refreshing. I’m so glad I joined the bandwagon. (I use the one for dry skin).

8. Zoella Let’s Spritz body mist
It’s no secret that I’m a Zoella fanatic so I have tried a big bunch of her products. The body mist’s are perfect to throw in your handbag to use as a little freshen up throughout the day. The ‘Let’s Spritz’ smells absolutely amazing, with notes of Raspberry and Cassis. Super fruity!!

9. TRESemme heat defence styling spray
I haven’t had this too long really but I still wanted to include it in my yearly favourites because I have no idea how I’ve lived without it. How did I go so long without a heat defence spray? I had my hair cut and coloured a couple of months ago which left it in good condition and I wanted desperately to keep in that way as there have been dreadful times for my hair in the past… This spray is a great one as my hair always feels really soft afterwards instead of dried out from the straighteners, and it also smells lovely.

10. L’oreal true match Icy Glow liquid highlighter
This was my go to highlight of the year without a doubt. I raved about this to everyone I met and I found I got a lot of compliments on my highlight when I wore this one. The colour is stunning, just like a princess. The fact it’s liquid is ideal for me as I find it super easy to blend. 10/10!

11. Collection lasting perfection concealer
Holy grail right here. I have some terrible dark circles under my eyes which are hereditary and a nightmare. I’ve tried so many concealers from Rimmel to Bobbi Brown and this is the only one that completely covers them up, without creasing! I can’t recommend this enough, it is super creamy and blendable, and at £4.19, you really can’t go wrong. I’m in the lightest shade, Fair.

12. LA Girl pro coverage foundation
I heard a lot of good things about the pro coverage concealer, but since I love my collection one so much, I thought I’d give the foundation a go and it is amazing!!! It’s so cheap yet feels similar to Estee Lauder’s double wear. It probably needs a bit more setting than double wear and takes more product to get the same coverage, but it is buildable! I unfortunately bought ‘fair’ which is slightly darker than I’d usually go for, but it is still usable. Next time I will go for porcelain. I bought this online, but it’s still only £11 including delivery from the LA Girl foundation.

13. Johnson’s Makeup Be Gone face wipes
I’m so glad I bought these wipes because I’ve always just bought the super cheap 50p wipes from anywhere I am. Before trying these, I had no idea how dry and scratchy those other wipes were. I just assumed that’s how they were meant to be. These ones are just wet enough to remove makeup and not cause my skin to go red. I believe changing my wipes to these Johnson’s ones helped my skin a lot in 2016. It doesn’t feel so dry anymore.

14. Basic Bitch lipstick in Peach Glow by Lucy Watson
This one is a bit of a cheat cause I only got this for Christmas but oh my god I just HAD to include it because it’s absolutely gorgeous on the lips. Maybe I’m biased because I love Lucy Watson and I want her makeup line to do well, but honestly, even though this lipstick is just a delicate peachy sheen, it stays put for a very long time and I only had to top up after eating.

15. Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade
For a long time I used powder for my brows, but since getting this my brows have looked a lot better. Pomade is a lot easier to use in my opinion and it stays on without smudging too. I use this with the morphe small angled brush and spoolie. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for ‘baddie’ style brows. It’s £15 but it will last foreverrrrr!! I have the shade medium brown.

16. L’oreal Elvive Fibrology shampoo and conditioner
I accidentally left these out of the picture because they’re in the bathroom but these have been my go to hair care product of the year. I adore how my hair feels (and smells) after using these. They also thicken your hair a bit which is a great thing for me as my hair has always been quite thin. I only noticed that my hair was getting a bit thicker after using it for a while but I think it’s worth sticking to it. The price tag is also a bonus.


Side note: I’ve got a new camera for my birthday so my (quite shocking) photography should start to improve here on my blog! Better times are coming in 2017.

Hope you enjoyed,

Jazmin xx


  1. Jessica
    February 16, 2017 / 8:27 pm

    Great post! So glad that I found your blog – its on point!xx

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