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So of course, you will all know by now that beauty and makeup etc, is one of my main passions! I absolutely adore it and this blog is primarily a beauty blog. However, a few of you may know about my other passion: writing. I’m currently studying Creative Writing at University and I really enjoy writing. I don’t usually share my work with people but I decided occasionally I might post some of my stuff here on my blog! What do you all think of that? It won’t be very often, just once in a while really. I’d love to know your thoughts on all this in the comments below.

So as this is my first post which contains my own writing post, I thought I’d share a poem which I wrote last year called My European Tour. 


Perfectly deserted. This is not the size of a nail
on the map. Yet I feel like I’m holding the whole world.
The icy sun casts light that shimmers off the lake.
I nibble my Sarah Nelson’s gingerbread and again we all guess
the secret to the secret recipe. Grasmere.

Keys slowly sink into the lake. Keys that hold together the locks
lovely couples have attached to the bridge. A bold statement.
I wonder about my future, does it have a love to lock?
The sun ray’s warm the water of the fountain that I stand in
splashing my friends. Later we will play badminton. Cologne.

The clear blue waters rush under me. My purple lilo
has a transparent window and I can see fish.
Blue, red and the brightest orange. I spend hours lying
transfixed at the vivid patterns. Then I go to my
favourite café for pancakes with Nutella. Halkidi.

My Pina Colada reminds me of my shampoo.
The sea in front of me turns over and over in waves,
it’s wonderfully hectic. On the front I buy ice-cream,
I choose meringue flavour. Behind Alcazaba
the sun goes down sending the sky into a frenzy of colour. Malaga.


  1. The Girl With A Camera
    January 10, 2017 / 7:05 pm

    Lovley poem hun xx

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