The perfect red lipstick: Basic Bitch cosmetics Queen Bee by Lucy Watson (review)

Hi everyone,
Today I want to share with you my ‘go to’ red lipstick!! We’re always searching for the perfect true red and honestly I think I have found that in Basic Bitch cosmetic’s Queen Bee. If you haven’t heard of the brand Basic Bitch, it quite a new company created by Lucy Watson (former Made in Chelsea star, vegan and strong believer in animal rights).
In the line, there are three lipstick shades. Peach Perfect, which is a lovely peach sheen. Errday which is a pinky nude and Queen Bee, the true red which I am reviewing today.
Of course, this lipstick is NOT tested on animals.


The packaging is absolutely perfect. I love the contrast of the lipstick colour (which appears much for orange on the above picture than it is in real life) to the white box and the sleek black plastic lipstick tube. The brand name is definitely very clear on the tube also which I think adds to the overall effect, again due to the contrast.

The red is very bright and bold and reminds me a lot of ‘red carpet’ red. I love pairing this with a smokey eye for ultimate glamour. The finish is satin which is beautiful and very moisturising for the lips, unlike a matte finish. I have to reapply occasionally after eating, which is completely normal for a satin lipstick.
The colour is also very similar to MAC’s Ruby Woo. However, Queen Bee feels much nicer on the lips as Ruby Woo can be very drying due to its retro matte finish.
I think Queen Bee would work for every skin tone!

You can get yours here for £18.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Let me know what you think of my perfect red!
Also let me know if you want a review of Peach Perfect.

Jazmin xx

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