Favourite Morphe Brushes from the 15 piece vegan pro set.

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If you’ve read any of my posts which are about different makeup looks with a step to step guide of how I created them, then you’ll probably know a big chunk of the brushes I use come from Morphe. I love Morphe makeup brushes as they are excellent quality but also pretty affordable compared to some brands out there! I wanted to share with you my absolute favourite brushes from the band.

All of the brushes in the post are from the 15 piece Vegan set which is a perfect set to own. I am in love with the set!! In this post I’ll give a little review on 9 of the brushes that I reach for the most. If you want this set for yourself, you can get it here for £45.


Morhphe Brushes 1

(from left to right) s25, s30, s20, s27, s12

s25 – I use this brush every single day to do my eyebrows with a pomade. It’s my favourite one because it is super small so it’s easy to use for every single detail. It also has a spoolie on the other end of the brush which makes it ideal – I don’t have to be switching my brush every few minutes for a spoolie!

s30 – I love this brush to pack on those shimmer shades onto my eyelid. It is dense and sturdy. The tip is also good when you want to apply a precise line to your lower lashes.

s20 – This is a tiny brush which is super versatile. It is described on the website as a ‘socket brush’ which can be used to precisely create a smokey eye. I do like to use it on the lid but I also find myself using it to apply highlight in the inner corner of my eye and on my brow bone.

s27 – I don’t think I ever do an eyeshadow look without using this brush. It is a lovely fluffy tapered brush which is absolutely perfect for blending out shadows! I like to use it in my crease roughly to add a nice sweep of colour.

s12 – This is similar to the s27 but smaller so I use this one in my crease if I want something more precise. I also use it on my outer corner when I want to add a deeper colour to the look.

Morphe Brushes 2

(from left to right) s15, s13, s26, s4

s15 – This is the biggest brush in the set and is ideal to apply either face powder or bronzer for a wash of colour. I personally use this with my Rimmel stay matte powder. It is really soft and doesn’t scratch my face at all.

s13 – This brush recently featured on my March Favourites 2017. It is my favourite brush to contour with. It is slightly bigger than a normal contour brush but the shape is perfect to create a chiseled look. I like to use a slightly bigger brush like this one as I like the contour to be more dispersed and natural looking.

s26 – The s26 is basically a smaller version of the s13. I use this to apply highlight to my cheek bones and cupids bow. I like how soft it is. It works best with a highlighter that creates a sheen creamy highlight – rather than a glittery one!

s4 – The perfect concealer brush! just the right shape to apply concealer under the eyes. I like to add it on with this, blend it out a bit and then finish the blending with a beauty blender / sponge.


All of these brushes I wash at least once every two weeks (there’s nothing better than a fresh set!) – I always use either baby shampoo or anti bacterial hand soap. It’s super important to wash your brushes to avoid the spread of bacteria.


Have you tried any of these brushes? What Morphe brushes have you used? Let me know in the comments below.


Jazmin xx



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