Lime Crime Velvetines collection lip swatches

Hey everyone,
Very recently, Lime Crime had a sale on their website and even offered free customs to the UK. My lovely boyfriend Michael ordered me seven lipsticks!!! (a set of three and four individuals). I already own two so I have nine to show you all together.

I thought you all may be interested to see some lip swatches as Lime Crime make some of the best liquid lipsticks. They last allll day and don’t feel too drying on the lips (I always wear a balm underneath.) I do find they can settle into the lines a small amount, but for something as long lasting (and transfer proof) I would expect this and it’s nothing too crazy.

Let’s get started!

LC CupidLC True LoveLC SaintLC Bleached




















LC RiotLC Red Rose











LC Dream Girl

LC Polly











That’s them all! What do you think? Thanks for stopping by!

Jazmin xx


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