TRESemmé heat defence styling spray review

Hi guys,

Today I’ve decided to review the TRESemmé heat defence styling spray for you, which is a product I’ve used consistently for a while now. I think it’s so important to use some kind of heat defence product on your hair before each time you use heat on it, like before using a hair dryer or straighteners. For such a long time, like so many other people, I skipped this step and went straight into the heat.. my hair really suffered for it – it was so unhealthy! Since using this spray, I really have seen a difference…

TRESemme spray.jpg

Up to 230 degrees protection against heat damage
– Protects and seals in shine
– Helps prevent hair from becoming brittle and dull
– Reduces breakage by up to 82% with continued use


My review
Despite not usually being a huge fan of TRESemmé hair products such as the shampoo and conditioner, I really love this spray and think it does exactly what it claims too, in regards to protection. My hair feels much healthier since I have been using this product and I have noticed less breakage and can go longer in-between cuts since my hair is healthier for longer. If I use this spray before straighteners, my hair doesn’t ‘frizz’ or essentially burn. My hair feels lovely and smooth and much more manageable.
I bought this for the heat defence, not for the styling aspect. As I just said, I do think my hair feels smoother when I use this spray, but I wouldn’t say it makes it any easier to style.. but it’s not a hair spray so what can we expect? I agree with the claim that this spray keeps hair from going dull and brittle.
I am happy with what this spray has been doing for my hair and how it’s been keeping it healthy and shiny.


I got this product from Boots for £5 which I think is super reasonable as it lasts a long time. You can pick this spray up from Boots online here for £3 as it’s currently on offer.

I really do reccommend this product to keep those locks luscious!

Jazmin xx


19 thoughts on “TRESemmé heat defence styling spray review

  1. I’m guilty of forgetting to use a heat defence spray, which is so silly because it only takes a few seconds to do so it makes no sense not to do it! I haven’t bought this one for years but when I run out of the one I’m using I think I’ll go back to this and give it another go 😊 xx

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    1. Yeah honestly before I started using this one I literally never used it cause it’s just easy to forget! But since this one is actually having a noticeable effect on my hair, I seem to remember! Deffo give it another go xxx

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  2. Loved reading this! Unfortunately, TRESemmé actually ruined my hair and dried it out really badly. My hairdresser had to fix it because it was so bad. Some of my friends love this though and it works wonders for them so maybe it’s just my hair that doesn’t like this brand? Great post though! x

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    1. Ah that’s a shame! I can’t use the shampoo & conditioner because my hair just goes greasy so quickly. It doesn’t clean my hair! Thanks for reading 🙂 x

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