L’oreal Blemish Rescue Clay Mask

Hi everyone!

If you’ve read my blog in the past you may have seen a couple reviews on the L’oreal pure clay mask range. If you did read either of these, you will know my love for what I’ve tried of the range. Recently, L’oreal released two new pure clay masks, one of which is the ‘Blemish Rescue mask’. This immediately appealed to me as I had a break out at the time! I popped to the shops a few days later and picked up the mask for Β£7.99 in Superdrug!

Blemish rescue 1

– Clears and unclogs pores and blackheads.
– Leave skin pure and fresh without drying it out.
– Immediately after use skin is fresh, pores are shrunk and blemishes reduced.
– Use for one week : Blackheads are unclogged, skin is mattified.
– Use after use pores are cleared, skin is visibly transformed.

How to use
Apply a layer of the mask all over the face (2 times a wee). Leave on for 10 minutes and remove with warm water.
To remove, I personally just jump in the shower as I find it easier.

Unsurprisingly, I am impressed with this blemish rescue mask. It dried down to a velvet matte feel. Unlike the popular charcoal detox mask from the range, it didn’t feel very tight on the skin.
After rinsing off my skin felt very fresh and clean. I feel that my pores looked slightly smaller than before hand.
For me though, the best thing about this mask is that my blemishes really did appear to have shrunk! I had a big under the skin spot on the side of my nose and after using this mask it was definitely smaller.
If you have problems with break outs then I strongly recommend giving this mask a go.

Blemish rescue 2

Well done L’oreal! You did it again.

Jazmin xx


22 thoughts on “L’oreal Blemish Rescue Clay Mask

  1. OMG I love the pink one from the range but I’m so excited for this new one! It’s not available yet in Italy but I’ll buy it asap! Would you mind check out my page? If you want we can follow each other and be internet friends!
    Love, Mimi


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