My favourite foundations of all time

Hi everyone!!

Today’s post is going to be one all about the foundations I will always go back too. I love all of these and for me they are all safe options which I can apply and for the most part, won’t have to worry about!

L’oreal True Match
Can you really go wrong with this classic drugstore foundation? The coverage is medium buildable and the finish is matte! A reason this foundation is worth checking out is the extensive shade range – I think that most people will be able to find something that matches them! I like to mix ‘Ivory’ in with other foundations to make them a little paler if I need too. For me, this is a foundation that seems to be a ‘your skin but better’ look, but with decent coverage too! Being drugstore, this foundation is a reasonable £9.99.

Max Factor 3 in 1 face finity
I have been a lover of this foundation for a very long time and (as with all of these foundations actually) you have probably heard me talk about this before. I love the super matte but non drying finish this gives, paired with excellent coverage. This foundation gives my skin a kind of ‘smoothed over’ effect, likely due to the three in one primer, foundation and concealer. I usually add extra concealer though under my eyes and down my nose to highlight. I also managed to find my perfect shade in this ‘warm almond’ and it’s probably the best match for me out of all my foundations. This costs £12.99 which is the higher end of drugstore, but I’d probably say it’s my favourite drugstore foundation so I don’t mind the extra few pounds.

Fave Foundations

Estee Lauder Double Wear
This is definitely an oldie but a goodie! Quite a lot of people have tried this foundation in the past and I’ve found that you either love it or hate it. The coverage is FULL and it can be quite heavy on the skin for every day use if you’re not careful. However, I like to wear this for more ‘special occasions’ when I want my makeup to last all day and look pretty much the same in the evening as it did in the morning. I use the shade Cool Bone which is very slightly too pink for me, but I make it work. This costs £32.50 so is quite pricey, however, if you’re like me and only plan to wear it occasionally, it isn’t too bad as it lasts a long time!

Diorskin Forever Foundation
This is still quite a new foundation for me but I know that I’m going to purchase this again and again. I’ve almost finished my first bottle! I love the dewy satin finish of this foundation that makes my skin look somehow ‘flexible’. I’d say the coverage is medium to full. The shade ‘Ivory’ is a little too dark for me, so bare that in mind if you have pale skin. The costs £35, making it the most expensive foundation on my list! But if you’re looking for something great to splurge on, then this is a good foundation too choose!!!

Every day makeup
Here I am wearing the Dior Forever foundation mixed in with a little L’oreal True Match

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you tried any of these foundations?
Thanks for stopping by.

Jazmin xx



23 thoughts on “My favourite foundations of all time

  1. I’ve tried the Max factor one and i use the same shade as you actually .I found it really light and smooth on my skin I don’t really have much blemishes so the medium coverage works for me..The bottle is actually ending and I’m looking for a new foundation to purchase although if I don’t find anything that I like,I will probably repurchase!Awesome post and really helpful!!

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  2. I love both the loreal true match and the max factor, max factors for when I want fully coverage and the loreal for more work and times I’m not really fussed. Have you tried the rimmel 25 hour one? That’s got medium coverage I normally use that instead of the loreal or mix between them both

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