Zoella Beauty Creamy Scrub (Jelly and Gelato range) review

Hi everyone!

So I know I’m way behind the band wagon on this one, but today I really wanted to make a post reviewing the Zoella Beauty creamy scrub from the Jelly and Gelato range. I have a few other bits from the range, and in all honesty I wasn’t going to bother writing a full review on any of the items because I know so many people already have.. but I can’t stop using this scrub and out of all the items I’ve seen reviewed, I don’t think this has been spoken about enough or given enough credit too! So I thought, why not give it a review myself. I hope you enjoy this post.

Zoella Creamy Scrub 1

Packaging & Overview
As with all Zoella Beauty products, the packing is super cute. The creamy scrub comes in a sturdy plastic tub and contains 160g worth of product, for £8 I think this is probably a little pricey for a drugstore body scrub. However, knowing how good this product is, I wouldn’t hesitate to re-purchase!
The scent is the same as with the entire Jelly and Gelato range, elderflower and pomegranate. It smells quite strong in my opinion, which is lovely for a scrub (although possibly too strong and fruity for a body mist for me).

Zoella Creamy Scrub 2

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of this creamy scrub, it has featured in a past favourites post and I’ve already mentioned in this post that I love it. I have been using it as an in the shower scrub, which I what I tend to do with all of my body scrubs. It is a rather solid consistency with small scrubby bits in it which are barely even visible, they feel like sugar!. When you rub this into your skin, it does feel creamy and exfoliates the skin brilliantly. My legs always feel really smooth after I use it. I even find that it has been evening out and brightening my skin tone a bit too which is a massive bonus! I think the scrub leans onto the harsher side so will be great if you have dry skin, but maybe not so much if you have very sensitive skin.
All in all, I think this scrub is one of my all time favourites and I have even been choosing it over my The Body Shop scrubs lately.

Zoella Creamy Scrub

I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried it? Do you think you ever will? Let me know in the comments below!

Jazmin xx



10 thoughts on “Zoella Beauty Creamy Scrub (Jelly and Gelato range) review

  1. I am so excited to try out the new Zoella products. I have never used her product line and now I really want to try it Thanks for including your review, I will need to pick this up for the winter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Her products have always impressed me whenever I have tried them 🙂 & definitely give this a go! I’m sure you’ll love it x


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