Sample Wednesday: Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor deep conditioner

Hi everyone!

Today I’m posting the first installment of a new mini series on my blog called ‘Sample Wednesday’ – I have so many sample’s of various products which I’d really like to review, so I hope you are all interested to read them, despite the fact I haven’t used a full size of these products. I still think I have a clear judgment and opinion that could benefit someone out there!
The product I’m going to review today is the Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor deep conditioner (wow that’s a mouthful!) I had a few sachets of this given to me. I’ve already used a couple and now I only have one left,  so I thought I’d type this up before using the final one.

Aussie 3 minute miracle

The ‘reconstructor’ is one member of the Aussie 3 minute miracle deep treatments. There are three others including ‘colour’ ‘frizz fixer’ and ‘moisture’. This particular one that I have is a deep conditioner for damaged hair, it claims to smooth rough cuticles, help restore manageability and add shine. The reconstructor has Australian Balm Mint extract which smells absolutely glorious and very refreshing.
The sample sachet is 20ml and says to use a sploge of the product onto clean wet hair and leave for for 1-3 minutes, depending on how much of a treatment your hair needs. I only applied this to the bottom half of my hair, as that is where my hair is driest. And one sample sachet has about 2 uses in it.

Aussie 3 minute miracle 1

Considering this product featured in my October favourites and is one of the main inspirations in starting this mini series on samples, it is no secret that I love it. I love using hair masks and treatments on my hair as I have died it a lot in the past and currently have bleached ends. If that is the case for you too, then you will love this product also!
Immediately after rinsing, my hair felt much softer and manageable. When my hair is dry and brushed out, the hair literally slips through my fingers!!! I am so excited about this because its a rarity for bleached hair. I have used this a couple of times as I had a few samples and my hair looks full of life and much shinier. I put that down to this product. I will definitely be purchasing the full size of this once I have used my last sample sachet.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know in the comments below what you think of this new series!

Jazmin xx


29 thoughts on “Sample Wednesday: Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor deep conditioner

  1. I feel like Aussie’s not that much of a thing in Belgium, but I grabbed a bottle of their spray on conditioner ad random a couple of weeks back. And quite frankly – I really like it. It’s one of the only things that gets my hair to untangle without making it a greassy mess. Definitely going to look into more of their products after reading this!

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  2. I love this style of post, I definitely agree with getting a good idea of a product through a sample or mini size. I’ll need to try and pick up this conditioner tomorow as I’ve already ran out of mine, lovely post too,
    Zara xx

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