JANNA Neck and Eye Renewal Targeted Care Masks – Review

Hi everyone,

I recently won these two masks in an Instagram giveaway, which is super exciting! I really wanted to give them both a review on my blog as sheet masks are really in at the moment… and with these being targeted for the neck and eyes, I thought they were quite unique (particularly the neck mask).
My skin has been even dryer than usual lately, so there really was no better time to try out these masks!

Overview & Claims
First off, the packaging is so beautiful, the colours look so great together and I think they are super eye-catching. I would say that these masks look quite luxe.
The neck masks retails at £6 and the eye mask retails at £5. Both can be purchased here

Janna masks 2

Neck Renewal Mask: Delivers concentrated nutrients while stimulating collagen and elastin. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. Skin is left hydrated, supple and renewed.
Eye Renewal Mask: A combination of active ingredients to moisturise and smooth the delicate eye contour area. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced and skin is left hydrated, supple and renewed.

As you can see both masks have very similar claims, but for each specific area. Each mask should be worn for 20 minutes, then taken off. Remaining essence should be massaged into the skin.

After cleansing my face, I applied both masks at the same time. The eye mask was super easy to apply, each eye contour sheet was very wet with fluid, which made me feel like this mask would be super hydrating. Once applied, they stayed in place and didn’t slide down my face like some eye masks can do.
The neck mask was just a little harder to apply, given the size and unusual shape of it. However, I managed fairly easily and once it was on it didn’t move. Again, the mask was very wet with fluid.
I left these both on for 20 minutes. The process was very relaxing. I just enjoyed a cup of tea whilst watching some TV as I waited. I took both masks off and massaged the remnants of the fluid into my skin (of which there was a lot). Both areas felt very hydrated and I noticed that my eye area felt really healthy a supple. My neck felt no different other than it was more hydrated. I think the neck mask would be incredible for more mature skin.
I enjoyed both of these masks and I would recommend both of them for mature skin (or if you have a dry neck with lots of fine lines). And I’d recommend the eye mask for everyone.

I hope you found this review helpful. Would you try these masks out? What are your go to sheet masks, I’d love to know!

Jazmin xx


6 thoughts on “JANNA Neck and Eye Renewal Targeted Care Masks – Review

  1. Omg I’ve never won any giveaways so this does sounds exciting! Congrats on wining 😃 I agree with you the package is very well done and is super cute. I’ve never tried a neck mask but that sounds pleasant, the neck is a key area that many forget about so I think I’d really like to try that one. And the eye mask sounds delightful! Great review hun! 🎭 💕

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

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