Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara Review

Hi everyone,

Who else in the UK is loving that it finally feels like Summer?! I’ve loved this bank holiday weekend in the sun… even if my shoulders have accidentally burnt to a crisp. Today I wanted to review the absolute classic YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara. I am not typically a high end girl. I have a few bits that I love from high end brands, but for me, it has to be something special to be worth the money. Student life!!
In January for my birthday, I received some YSL bits! This mascara was one thing I got, and I have quite recently began using it. I have been trying it out for a bit now though, so I wanted to share a full review of it, to let you know if it’s worth the price tag!

YSL mascara

Overview & Claims
The YSL website says: ‘With one sweep of the wand, this lush mascara combines the captivating volume and false lash effect of Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara with our deepest black colour ever. Carefully selected mineral pigments coat lashes from root to tip with dramatically dark colour that’s simply unmatched, while the Triple Film-Complex specially coats each lash for added intensity, curve, and long-lasting wear. The result: a dangerously glamorous lash look that lasts.’

The packaging says: ‘Now with a care-enriched formula, fresh day after day. Instant dramatic volume and ideal makeup result.’ and ‘Improved formula does not dry out.’

This mascara costs £26, which is of course quite pricey for a mascara – but to be expected for YSL. The packaging is beautiful. The tube is two tone gold and fairly heavy, with the YSL logo half on the lid, and half on the tube. It also comes in a matching gold box.

YSL mascara 1

When I first opened up the tube, I had high hopes for this mascara because the nylon wand looks perfect. It is quite long, the bristles are nicely compacted, and they are of varying size. This ensures that the mascara evenly coats the lashes, and reaches the base of them too! One thing I noticed when I opened the tube is the smell. In my opinion it is a pleasant smell and it isn’t too overpowering. I quite like this feature, but it is something to bare in mind if you are planning to purchase this mascara.
I really like the effect this mascara gives my lashes. I have to add a couple of coats to achieve the desired volume, but once I do this, I think that this mascara is volumising, and actually pretty lengthening too (my lashes are naturally quite short). I don’t think this mascara looks clumpy at all, nor does it look spidery! It is the perfect in between. One of the best things about this mascara, is that it doesn’t transfer or crumble throughout the day. This is pretty rare for me, as I often get mascara transfer under my eyebrow by the end of the day. So this is a huge bonus.

YSL mascara 3

In all honesty I like this mascara as much as the Maybelline Lash Senational mascara. Truthfully, It gives a very similar look. If I didn’t already love the Maybelline mascara so much, I think I would be incredibly tempted to repurchase this YSL mascara. But since Lash Sensational is just a fraction of the price of this one (£8.99) I will probably stick with that one. However, if I am looking to treat myself to a luxury mascara in the future, this would definitely be a contender!

TLDR – Verdict
This gives a very similar look to the Maybelline Lash Sensational in my opinion, so therefore I would stick to that one as its much more affordable. Having said that, this is a really lovely product.

Have you tried this classic mascara? What do you think? Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jazmin xx


4 thoughts on “Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara Review

  1. I love the packaging of this one but I am not shocked that it has the same effect as your maybelline mascara, most high-end products do that 😛 Great review xx

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  2. The packing is fancy, but it’s YSL so I expect that. I don’t like spending a lot on mascara, because I change them every 3-4 months so I never buy expensive one. It’s a nice gift so I’m sure you were excited to get it though. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah the packaging is beautiful! I loved receiving it as a gift, but I agree that I don’t tend to buy high end mascara for myself – drugstore options seem to do just as good! Xx

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