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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now you’ll probably know that I’m a big fan of the brand Champneys. Every product I’ve tried from them has impressed me, the quality is always amazing and I really get the feeling of being in a luxurious spa when I use them. I currently have three big tubs of different body butters from Champneys and I realised I haven’t really discussed them on my blog – so that’s what I want to do today!

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Body butters and lotions are seriously underrated in my opinion, for me there is NO better feeling than jumping out the shower and loading the lotion onto my skin. The three Champneys products I have to talk about today are the Summer Dream Rewarding Butter Souffle, the Citrus Blush Enlivening Body Butter, and the Skin Firming Body Butter.
If you want to find out which one would be perfect for you, then just keep reading.

Summer Dream Rewarding Butter Souffle – ‘A well earned treat’.
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I have mentioned this product in a favourites a while back, so you already know I love this one a lot!
The texture is great on this one and it is the one I have been reaching for in the hottest months. The ‘Souffle’ texture is light on the skin and soaks in a little faster than the average body butter. However, it’s still super hydrating and truly leaves my skin feeling extra soft.
The scent of this one is to die for, it’s very fruity, with notes of peach, mango, orange and passion fruit. I think the peach really stands out.
I’m half way down this tub and I keep reaching for it time and time again, despite having quite a lot of choice in my collection at the moment.

Citrus Blush Enlivening Body Butter – ‘A little pick me up’.
A little pick me up.jpg
Before I had this big tub of the citrus blush butter, I had a mini tub which I used up and it has featured in my empties in the past! I love this one for spring mornings, I know that sounds so specific, but it’s a nice scent for the heat and the ‘enlivening’ aspect gets me motivated in the mornings. It’s weird that certain scents can motivate you for the day, but this one really does do that for me.
The texture is lovely, it is a very smooth butter, a bit thinner than the average body butter, but not as light and airy as the summer dream one. This also adds a lot of moisture to the skin, without feeling sticky or heavy. It soaks in relatively fast for how thick it is.
I love the scent so much. It’s very unique and I honestly wouldn’t say it smells very citrus to me, even though the notes include lemon, orange and cardamom.

Skin Firming Body Butter – ‘As good as new.’
As good as new.jpg
This one is so good for when your skin needs that bit of extra help. It’s thicker than the others (a little bit goes a long way), which means I’ll probably be reaching for it more in winter than I am doing at the moment. I have used this enough to get a clear opinion on it though!
I think that this butter does make the skin appear a little firmer with continued use. It’s no miracle worker but it does help, which is all I can ask for from a cream and no exercise really..
This one is enriched with sea minerals and has detoxifying qualities. After using this you really feel like you’ve done something kind to your skin.
The scent is a funny one for me, it kind of reminds me of vapor rub with more of an alcohol tinge to it. However, I don’t think the scent is what makes someone reach for this product, I think it is more the qualities that the product contains.


I hope you enjoyed this post, I’d really recommend these body butters if you’re looking to treat yourself. Champneys also have a variety of amazing gift sets which are so perfect for birthdays and christmas.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jazmin xx


  1. July 26, 2018 / 6:33 am

    Great review. I never heard of these, but packing is so fun, they definitely look like a perfect treat for body on pamper night or every morning to use because we are worth the extra attention. xx

    • July 26, 2018 / 2:53 pm

      They’re really great! & I agree the packaging is amazing xx

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