Primark Beauty Haul – Testing New Makeup!

Hey everyone, Happy Sunday! Hope you’ve all been having a great weekend. I wanted to share a post today all about some Primark makeup bits that I’ve been trying out this week. I have quite a few items to show you & of course they’re all super affordable. I love a good bargain and have been recommended Primark beauty time and time again, so I thought it was finally time to give it all a go. & I have to say the results surprised me!

Glow Iridescent Priming Elixir (£2)
Having dry skin I like to have a dewy or hydrating primer under most foundations, so I opted for this ‘Glow Iridescent’ primer which has a little dropper style applicator. It is yellow/golden in colour, but when applied to the skin it blends out into a sheer glow. Its super runny & reminds me a lot of my Revolution Superfruit Primer/Serum which I love. This creates a lovely base for makeup! When I use these super runny primers I do tend to apply a thicker more pore filling one just on my nose & the area around it. For £2 I am so pleased with this!

My Perfect Colour Double Coverage Matte Foundation (£5)
This foundation has been spoken about quite a lot. It is meant to be a dupe of the pricey Estee Lauder Double Wear. Since Double Wear is actually my favourite ever foundation, I was slightly skeptical about this one. The shade range isn’t ideal – I went for the shade ‘Ivory’ which is a little too pink toned for me, but I can definitely make it work. It comes in a heavy glass bottle which makes it seem more expensive, and without a pump just like double wear. It is very thick in consistency, so the packaging is a little inconvenient. I have tried applying it with a brush and a sponge and I definitely prefer the sponge as it seems to spread the foundation more easily and nicer. This one has good coverage – I apply  one layer to cover most redness and uneven skin tone, and just apply a little extra where needed. For £5 I am blown away by how long this lasts on the skin – I really thought longevity would be its downfall but I was absolutely wrong. This one lasts a full day. It is pretty matte, so I like to use a hydrating / dewy setting mist with this to give it a little bit more life & skin like appearance. I think I prefer this over many other foundations. It isn’t quite as flawless looking as double wear, but it is a nice option.

High Pigment Blush in ‘Secrecy’ (£1)
Blush is actually one of my favourite makeup items – it is so pretty & really makes a makeup look come together. Primark had a few different shades all for £1 each, which is crazy cheap! I chose ‘Secrecy’ which is a salmon pink shade. It has a slight sheen to it which is perfect for me. As the name suggests this one is super pigmented – you need to use a light hand with this one or you can end up looking very very rosy. I like to apply a little, then tap my foundation sponge over the top, and then repeat this until I get the look I want. For £1, this blush is beautiful – it performs just as well as other blushers in my collection including ones from Rimmel, L’oreal & even Clinique. I feel that blush is somewhere you can really save money as there are amazing ones like this Primark option on offer.

Matte Bronzing Powder in ‘Fearless’ (£1)
For bronzer I chose this matte pressed powder as it seemed like a nice bronzing shade for me. It isn’t too warm or too cool so I felt it would work well for my skin tone without making me look orange! In the past I haven’t managed to find too many affordable bronzers that I love – often the cheaper ones have gone patchy on me so bronzer is somewhere I like to splurge a little, and I have been using Fenty or Benefit most days lately. However, Primark have really pulled it out of the bag with this one! As with the blush, this is very pigmented so you do need to use a light hand. However, it blends out so nicely and doesn’t look muddy or patchy! It warms up the face so well and I can see myself using this a lot. I think this is my favourite item from the whole Primark makeup haul.

Nudes Glow Iridescent Jelly Highlighter (£4)
Although this was meant to be £4 I actually got it for £2 which is an even bigger bargain. I have never tried a jelly highlighter before so testing this I have nothing to really compare it to. However, I actually really like this! I use my beauty sponge to apply a few dabs on the high points of my cheek bones. It melts into the skin really beautifully without emphasising texture. It gives me a nice glow which isn’t super sheer or too bright either. It isn’t glittery or metallic, but it adds such a lovely iridescent sheen! The shade a chose is a light pink. I will definitely continue to use this one – you could definitely add other powder highlights on top of this one if you wanted to add extra glow.

Urban Heat Eyeshadow Palette (£4)
Primark had a tonne of lovely eyeshadow options, but I just picked up the one palette. I went for this warm toned ‘Urban Heat’ one. It has 12 shadows, some matte and some shimmer/metallic. Affordable eyeshadows can sometimes be super disappointing as they are often chalky or just not pigmented enough to work with. However, this one is actually pretty impressive! The mattes are smooth and pigmented, and they blend out nicely one the eyes. The shimmers apply amazingly with a finger – notably ‘Scorched’ is absolutely stunning and so metallic! Some of the more orangey brown shades look incredibly similar once blended out on the eye which is a shame, but considering the price I don’t mind too much. There is a lot of fall out with this, so I’d recommend doing eyes first. I’ll definitely give some more Primark eyeshadows a try in the future.

Matte Lipstick in ‘Vintage Rose’ and ‘Velvet Touch’ (£1.50 Each)
Primark had so many lovely shades in this matte lipstick range; it was hard to limit myself to just 2. However, I ended up going for a deeper rose one & a more brown nude one too. Both shades are right up my street. I like the formula of these as they are a comfortable creamy velvet matte. They aren’t drying on the lips but they last all day! I had to apply more after eating, but other than that I was fine to leave them alone. These remind me of the Mac matte lipsticks which are massively more expensive. I will definitely pop back in store for some more shades!

Overall I am so so impressed with everything I tried from Primark beauty! I wish I had tried these sooner. I couldn’t recommend having a little look in your local store enough. I think there is something for everyone. I will 100% be going back soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jazmin xx




  1. February 24, 2020 / 1:33 pm

    £2 primer that actually works?! I definitely need to get my hands on that… I’ve heard such good things about their foundations and eyeshadow palettes too for the incredible price x

    • February 24, 2020 / 5:20 pm

      It’s really nice! Definitely try it out if you see it in store x

  2. Olivia
    February 24, 2020 / 5:14 pm

    I’ve been waiting for someone to do a review of Primark make up as I’ve wanted to try it out myself.
    Such a shame you say Ivory has a pink-ish tone to it, I’m olive toned…

    • February 24, 2020 / 5:18 pm

      You should have a look if they have any other shades that could match you! X

  3. February 24, 2020 / 6:48 pm

    I’ve always thought Primark makeup was underrated for the price point! The foundation sounds so good for everyday wear and the highlighter looks amazing. I brought one last year (I can’t remember the name) but I was obsessed with it and wore it every single day and I need to look out for that primer!

    Samantha |

    • February 24, 2020 / 7:00 pm

      It’s definitely underrated! I’m shocked at how good it is & wish I had tried it sooner. The foundation is such a great one for the price! X

  4. February 24, 2020 / 9:15 pm

    I’ve always been skeptical about trying out cheap makeup so I’m glad to see an honest review on these! I love the sound of the urban heat eyeshadow palette – the colours look gorgeous for summer!

  5. February 24, 2020 / 9:48 pm

    I’ve never tried any Primark make-up but it all seems so affordable and pretty too!

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