Federico Mahora Fragrances | Are They Worth It?

Hello everyone, how are you? I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. The sun is crazy lately – it’s been super hot. Personally I’m more of an autumn/winter lover, but it’s been nice to have some brighter days. Today I want to share with you a review of the Federico Mahora fragrances. If you haven’t heard of FM before, they are known for creating dupes of popular high end fragrances at a much more affordable price.

I have received one full size fragrance in number 420 which is a dupe of the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream, and three sample sizes. These are dupes of Paco Rabanne Lady Million, Georgio Armani Si and Bleu de Chanel (Mens). I got mine from Blooms&&Beauty on Facebook, which is actually ran by my sister. When my sister started selling Federico Mahora fragrances I thought it would be interesting to try a couple of scents out and share my thoughts with you guys, to see if these dupes can actually save us some money AND perform well. Prior to this I hadn’t tried them before. 

Federico Mahora have a few ‘ranges’ of fragrances with varying price points. Here’s where the ones I am reviewing fall into the ranges:
420 – the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream dupe is from the ‘Pure’ range and costs £14.90 for a 50ml bottle.
362 – Georgio Armani Si dupe, and 327 – Bleu de Chanel are both from the ‘Pure Royal’ range and cost £24.50 for a 50ml bottle.
313 – Paco Rabanne Lady Million is from the ‘Luxury’ range and will cost £40 for a 50ml bottle.

‘Pure’ fragrances contain at least 20% concentrated perfume oil. ‘Pure Royal’ fragrances have more expensive oils mixed with 20% of fragrance. The ‘Luxury’ fragrance comes in a lovely box and bottle, and would make for a great gift.

I have been wearing my full size 420 fragrance to work all week to try it out, see how I like the scent, and test how well it lasts!
Firstly, the bottle is really nice as you can see. It’s a glass bottle with a spray. It kind of reminds me of a Jo Malone fragrance – probably due to the label!
The scent is really lovely. It’s quite strong and has a lot of florals in there (of course since it is a Daisy Dream dupe). I was surprised by how strong it smells – it doesn’t seem ‘cheap’ at all.
It lasts much better than I thought it would! I was expecting it to last similar to a body spray such as Victoria Secret, but it actually is more impressive than that, and you can definitely smell it on your clothes through the day.
The beauty of the Federico Mahora fragrances is that because I haven’t spent a tonne on them, I don’t mind throwing them in my handbag! That way I can top up throughout the day if I want to. You don’t have to be as conscious about using too much of them, so occasionally I have definitely topped up half way through the day.
Using them up a little quicker than a normal high end fragrance doesn’t bother me at all, because it allows me to switch up my scent more regularly, without spending too much! usually I use expensive fragrances sparingly and only for special occasions because I don’t want to waste them, so it’s been great to use this on a daily basis as opposed to a body spray which doesn’t last as well.

The scents of the sample sizes are also really nice. My partner actually has the Chanel de Bleu fragrance as he was given it as a gift at Christmas, so I was able to really compare the Federico Mahora fragrance dupe to the real thing. It smells VERY similar, and he has said he would definitely consider getting this more affordable option – even if he just used the real Chanel one in the morning and the FM one to top up through the day, whilst he still has the Chanel one!

The samples are really good to try out as you get to see if the scent is something you would wear on a day to day basis.

I would definitely recommend Federico Mahora fragrances after trying them out. Of course it is lovely to have a classic Chanel (or any other brand) bottle on your shelf, and sometimes you want to treat yourself to something expensive! But I will 100% get another one of these fragrances once I have used up 420, as it’s so perfect to have a luxury smelling scent in my handbag without carrying around a £70 fragrance every day.

Have you ever tried one of these fragrance dupes? What’s your thoughts? Let me know!

If you are interested in purchasing a Federico Mahora fragrance, or want to have a little nosy at the price list & what is available, you can join Blooms&Beauty on Facebook!

Jazmin x


*although my sister is currently selling FM fragrances, these are all my own opinions & I have linked to her Facebook page of my own accord.

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