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Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. Recently I’ve seemed to accumulate some new products, some I’ve treated myself too, some I’ve received from work, and one I’ve been gifted! I thought I’d share my initial thoughts on these things in one post. If anyone is interested in a full review on any of the products, please let me know in the comments and I’ll definitely post one!

BEAUTY New Products:

Too Faced Born This Way Matte Foundation (£29)
This is a new release from Too Faced in their Born This Way range, and when I say they delivered I mean it! I’m not usually the kind of person to go for matte foundations, so I wasn’t sure I would be a fan of this one. But I work in beauty retail so I was able to take a little sample of this when it was launched. I absolutely fell in love so I knew I had to purchase it. Firstly, it isn’t a flat matte that will look dry on the skin. It is more a semi-matte, and with a hydrating primer underneath I love the finish. It can provide full coverage, and makes the skin look flawless and skin like. The staying power is impressive, even with a mask (which I wear for a full day at work) it stays on so well, only rubbing off a bit on the nose. I’m so pleased I love this new foundation from Too Faced as the original Born This Way wasn’t my favourite.

Too Faced Hangover Primer (£28)
I won’t talk about this too much as it just featured in my September Favourites 2020 post. But I also decided to restock on the Too Faced hangover primer. I am running out of my current tube and of course I can’t be without this primer. It works so well under the new matte foundation. If you have a normal-dry skin type and love a hydrated base, definitely try this! When I purchased this primer & the foundation, I also received a mini Primed & Poreless primer to try out. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t say too much, but I’m excited to try it out as it aims to smooth out pores and blur imperfections!

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blush in Pillow Talk (£30)
This is the first Charlotte Tilbury product I’ve purchased. I went shopping in a different city recently and managed to visit a store with a Charlotte Tilbury counter, so of course I had to treat myself to something. Originally I was tempted by the famous Pillow Talk lipstick, but after seeing this beautiful blush I had to go for this! It’s a stunning shade with a lovely sheen to it, giving the skin a bit of a glow – which I’m definitely into. It’s left me wanting to try more products from the brand.

Bare Minerals Original Loose Mineral Powder Foundation (£29)
I received this one at work and I was so excited to try it out as I’ve heard great things about this product. I’m generally a liquid foundation kind of person, but I actually really like this loose powder option! It is so quick and easy to apply in the morning. It gives me a good medium coverage and appears to blur the skin out effortlessly. I was worried it would be drying since it’s a powder but it really isn’t at all, it’s actually so creamy and gives a luminous skin like finish. I think this is a foundation that would work well for the majority of people.

Bare Minerals Original Powder Foundation Brush (£26)
Along with the loose powder foundation I also received the brush to apply it with. It is a unique brush with longer bristles at the perimeter and shorter ones in the middle. I find that it applies the foundation nicely, though using it feels strange almost? I’m used to using more fluffy brushes for loose powder so it takes some getting used too. If I’m honest, I’m not so sure this brush is worth the money if you already have something to apply loose powder with. But if you don’t already have something, then this does apply it well so It’s a nice option.

SKINCARE New Products:

Lancome Cils Booster Lash Revitalising Serum (£35)
I won this Lancome lash serum at work. It is a pretty new release from the brand and I was really excited to give it a go. This is the first lash serum I’ve tried. My lashes are in decent condition anyway, but they could probably be healthier. You apply this along the eyelash line, preferably twice a day. You can apply makeup afterwards, just wait a couple of minutes! I don’t think I’ve been using this long enough (or probably consistently enough) to see the difference. I usually apply once a day, but if I’m honest I do forget sometimes. I definitely think this is an intriguing product, and it feels nice to apply. So far, I’ve noticed my lashes look pretty glossy now. I will keep you updated on this one!

Yeouth Neck Firming Cream (£21.95)
This one was kindly #gifted from the brand. I have only been using it for a couple weeks so this is definitely a first impressions. I haven’t used a neck cream before, but I’ve heard plenty times that you generally see the first signs of ageing in the neck area, and so far I’ve neglected it! So now is a great time to apply some cream there whilst doing my skincare routine. I love that this cream is super rich and moisturising, but it does sink in fairly quickly so it doesn’t feel sticky. It contains green tea, argireline and vitamin c. Argireline intrigued me as I have a serum from The Ordinary with this ingredient too, and it really does relax lines and wrinkles for a smoother firmed appearance! Though the affects of this ingredient only last with continued use. So far I am enjoying this one and I’m excited to keep using it. It feels like I’m doing something good.

That’s all of the things I’ve recently added to my collection, and have been trying out! I love testing out new products.. but I should probably be on a no buy for a while..

Have you tried anything new lately? Let me know!

Jazmin x



  1. October 19, 2020 / 6:26 pm

    The PT blush is next on my list! I want it so badly!!!

  2. October 22, 2020 / 5:35 pm

    I love the look of the Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blush in Pillow Talk, such a beautiful shade. The Bare Minerals foundation also looks lovely x

    • October 22, 2020 / 6:21 pm

      Isn’t it just perfect? I love it! & the Bare Mins foundation is such a lovely option x

  3. October 22, 2020 / 5:54 pm

    Ooo lots of lovely products. I’ve heard such good things about the Too Faced foundation, I haven’t tried it yet but I think it would be perfect for me especially when I also have to wear a mask all day too! X

    • October 22, 2020 / 6:18 pm

      Really recommend trying out the new matte too faced foundation, it’s soooo good.x

  4. October 23, 2020 / 11:42 am

    Interesting that you find the Too Faced matte a semi matte because I find the original BTW is a semi matte on me. Probably not for me. I’ve tried a fair few Charlotte Tilbury products and I’ve found them to be quite hit and miss but I’ve never tried the blush formula and that one looks lovely. I try to bring my skincare down my neck but I forget quite often, maybe it’s time to try a proper neck cream for me too x


    • October 25, 2020 / 8:02 pm

      Ah really? I find original BTW to be like a natural skin finish on me – the reason I don’t like it is because it just seems to come off so easily on me! I wish they’d launch a nice dewy foundation, hope it’s coming soon! & The blush is lovely. Deffo recommend a neck cream then, I don’t know why it’s so easier to remember to use it since it’s for that specifically hah! Thabks so much for reading x

  5. November 17, 2020 / 11:09 am

    Ooh you have some gems here! I need to get my hands on the CT blush- it looks absolutely stunning! I’d love you to keep us updated on the lash serum too as mine could definitely do with some TLC!
    Soph – x

    • November 18, 2020 / 8:17 pm

      The CT blush is so gorgeous right? I’ve been loving it. Will definitely keep you guys updated on the serum x

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