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Hey everyone, how have you all been? I am excited to share todays post with you. I was kindly gifted some Facetheory skincare goodies from the brand a while ago, and I have been using them since then & I am ready to share my thoughts on the products I tried!


Facetheory is a vegan and cruelty free skincare brand with an affordable to mid price range. They package everything sustainably too! They have so many products on their website so there is something that will suit everyone and every skin type.

I got to choose my own products which was great as I was able to choose things I knew I would like to test. I got three different products. Firsly, I got the Restorasoft Waterpoof Makeup Remover (£10.99) – an unscented milky makeup remover! I also got the BHA Exfoliant Serum (£18.99) – a leave on liquid exfoliator. And finally I also chose the Relaxing Night Cream (£10.99) – I opted for the unscented version, but they also have a lavender option.


I was very excited to test this milky makeup remover out as I have been wanting to try something with a milky formula for a while now! I haven’t used any before, so I was intrigued how this kind of formula would compare to a balm/oil. I have been loving this product a lot – it is probably my favourite Facetheory product that I got. I put about 2 pumps onto my fingers then massage into my skin. It begins to melt the makeup instantly and it removes everything so well. Of course, I use this as step 1 of my cleansing routine as I would a balm/oil. I love that this leaves my skin feeling very soft, not stripped AT ALL, but also doesn’t leave an oily residue as other makeup removers do. Once done, I simply wipe the product away with a wet microfibre cloth.
I love that Facetheory have plenty unscented products as I am trying to really focus on what ingredients are in my skincare products at the moment and trying to stay away from heavily fragranced things. This feels gentle on the skin but it also does the job perfectly, so I have been solely using this as a makeup remover lately and it has taken the place of all other makeup removers.


If you read my blog a lot, you will probably know that I tend to go for a physical exfoliant over a chemical one such as this. However, skincare experts seem to be saying more and more that a chemical option is better for the skin, so I have been experimenting and trying to find one that works for me. So I decided to choose this BHA Exfoliant when choosing my Facetheory goodies! This has 2% salicylic acid and green tea. It is a milky liquid formula and I apply a pea sized amount onto the skin at nighttime. I use this about every other day. I have been so pleased with the results of this product as it seems to be smoothing my skin out over time, without being too harsh or not enough like a couple other chemical exfoliants I’ve used in the past. If you’re struggling to find a really great chemical exfoliant that works for you, I recommend giving this a go. I will definitely repurchase this one.


Night cream is one skincare product I haven’t tried TOO much of, so of course I had to opt for this. I was really pleased to see an unscented option on the website. This one has so many skin loving ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, vitamin E, shea butter, glycerin and argon oil. I was expecting this to be a thick rich cream as it is a night cream, however, it is actually a much thinner consistency. It soaks into the skin fast & feels soft and nourishing on the skin, but not too heavy. I’ve really been enjoying using this texture at night! I like to use an oil over the top of my moisturiser at night, so it’s perfect that this isn’t too thick or rich. My skin feels plump and hydrated in the morning, so I think this night cream is a great addition to my skincare routine & I have been reaching for it nightly over my usual Bare Minerals Butter Drench cream.

Overall, my skin has taken really well to these Facetheory skincare products and the main change in my skin is how smooth it is! It doesn’t as much texture and dryness as before which is amazing. I will 100% continue to use these products – they make up a big chunk of my nighttime skincare routine now.

If you’d like to purchase any Facetheory products please feel free to use my code BBJHEAVEN for a massive 20% off your purchase.

Thank you so much reading!

Jazmin x


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  1. February 25, 2021 / 6:06 pm

    The BHA serum sounds really good! Might have to look into them once my current serum runs out!

    • February 26, 2021 / 2:40 pm

      Definitely have a little look! I’m loving the serum a lot x

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