SUMMER Must Haves!

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all doing well! Tomorrow in the UK we officially enter SUMMER, so of course I wanted to share my Summer must haves ready for the season. Now if I’m honest, I’m not particularly a Summer person… I’m a winter baby so I thrive more in the colder weather. But I do love the styles in Summer and I want to share some of my favourite makeup, skincare & fragrance options for the season.


SOS SPF 50 (£15.50)
We’ll start at a boring but very important place… SPF! Although I wear and recommend SPF all year round, it’s so important to have a high factor SPF during the Summer. I have been loving this SOS SPF 50 for a while now as it is high protection without being super thick or greasy. It blends into the skin nicely and although it leaves a hydrated slightly dewy base, it doesn’t pile up or look greasy and it works well under makeup. I think the price point is really good & you can easily get it from Amazon. This is my favourite SPF 5o that I’ve tried. If you have any other high SPF recommendations please leave them in the comments!

Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly (£32)
In Summer I think a lot of us prefer a light weight moisturiser. Even though I have drier skin, I don’t like to use something thick or heavy in the day time. My favourite lightweight option is this Clinique hydrating jelly. It really hydrates the skin leaving it feeling plump, fresh and hydrated, but it doesn’t feel too much. It’s a pretty basic feeling moisturiser however it really does have great affects on the skin and keeps it hydrated in the long term too. If you’d like more info on this one I have a full review I posted a while back!


MAC Strobe Cream in Pinklite (£26)
During Summer I think it’s super pretty to aim for a subtle glow from within healthy look. I love to achieve this with cream products and one I absolutely love is this Mac strobe cream. This is a cream which adds a luminous glow to this skin. I like to use this either underneath makeup on the high points of my face, or carefully dab over the top of foundation as a highlighter. You could also mix this into your foundation. I love the healthy dewy look this gives the skin without looking shimmery or over the top.

Too Faced Peach Bloom Cheek & Lip Tint in Grape Pop Glow (£18)
As I mentioned, cream type products are something I really love in Summer. Lately I’ve been using this Too Faced Cheek tint. Although this is more of a gel texture than a cream, it gives a similar effect. You can use this as a lip tint too which I think is gorgeous if you want to match you lips and cheeks. I personally have been using it more on the cheeks. The shade Grape Pop Glow is purple type shade which is both vibrant but not too much. I love how it meshes into the skin & the rest of your makeup nicely. This has definitely been my go-to blush lately and I think it’s ideal for Summer as it gives a beautiful dewy skin like finish!

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray (£26)
Although a dewy look is something I adore in Summer, I need to make sure that my makeup stays on well and doesn’t melt off in the heat! I do add some powder, particularly under my eyes and other concealed areas, but I like to rely on setting sprays more. This all nighter one by Urban Decay is one of the only setting sprays I’ve found that actually keeps the makeup on longer so I would recommend this one over all the others if it is longevity you are wanting to achieve.

Mac Amplified Lipstick in Vegas Volt (£17.50)
In Summer I often like to opt for a bold bright lipstick as a key statement of my makeup look. I like to go lighter on the eyes and heavier on the lips in this season! One of my absolute favourites currently is Vegas Volt by Mac. This is in the amplified lipstick formula which is super creamy, full coverage and a semi-lustrous finish. The shade is a gorgeous coral red which is a lovely twist on a classic red.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme (£22)
Although a bold lip is often my go to, I do love a basic glossy lip sometimes too. Too Faced Lip Injection is my favourite gloss and it looks really nice either on its own or over lipstick. This one is a lip plumper so it does tingle on application and fill the lips out a bit. I think the Too Faced lip injection range is the only range of lip glosses that actually work to plump the lips. I like that this smooths the lip out as well as plumping them a bit too. It makes my lips look a bit more pinky/red after plumping which I think makes the lips look super healthy and pretty. I know lip plumper’s aren’t for everyone, but if you do like them then I recommend this one!


Giorgio Armani My Way Eau de Parfum  (£56 for 30ml)
My Summer scent is definitely My Way by Giorgio Armani. This is currently my favourite fragrance and I think it’s perfect for this season. To me it doesn’t smell entirely like the notes – it reminds me of a hot greenhouse on a Summer’s day. The notes include Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Tuberose, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Vanilla and White Musks. I’m definitely no fragrance expert, to me this smells lovely, feminine and floral. I recommend giving it a smell in a store if you can!

That’s all for my Summer Must Haves. I hope you’ve discovered something you would like to try in this post, and please leave recommendations in the comments if you have any!

Thanks for reading,

Jazmin xx

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