August Favourites 2021

Hey everyone, I hope you’ve all been doing well & had a great August. I am so ready for September, and the start of Autumn (although the sun seems to have shown itself again lately so maybe Summer isn’t quite over yet). Today I want to share some of my August favourites with you guys. I haven’t got loads to share but I do have a few products I want to mention, so if you’re interested just keep reading!

Fenty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Foundation (£27)
I have spoken about this one a couple of times here on my blog, but I wanted to mention it in my August favourites as I fall in love with it more every time I use it! This is the perfect hydrating, but not overly dewy, full coverage option! This stays on the skin really well throughout the day and didn’t slip off like some other ‘hydrating’ foundations tend to. I really did not like Fenty’s matte foundation so I was wary of this one when it first came out but I am so glad I decided to try it because it’s gorgeous!

Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer (£25)
I know I talk about this concealer allll the time because it is literally the BEST concealer ever. However, I wanted to mention it again specifically the shade ‘Honey’ which I use to contour with! Before I got this, I only ever used powder to contour & bronze, but this has really took my makeup to the next level! If you have a fair skin tone like me, Honey is the PERFECT shade if you want something not too cool, but definitely not too warm. Of course this blends out like an absolute dream, is super creamy & gives full pigment. I’ve had this for months and months now and I’ve still got plenty left, so it is well worth the money in my opinion.

Tatti Lashes TL4 (£9.85)
I have been using Tatti Lashes for a while now and I am definitely sold on them as a brand and will definitely purchase their lashes for a long time (as well as a couple other brands!). One style I have been using lately and absolutely adore is the TL4 – they are a pretty full lash that look fluffy and a little wispy, but not too much. They’re the perfect oval shape which gives me the illusion of a bigger eye as they open the eye up a bit more. I definitely recommend these!

Bumble and Bumble Invisible Oil Shampoo (£26.50)
I’ve just picked up a brand new one of these, and at this price for shampoo, I must obviously really like it! I love the invisible oil range from bumble – it has a lovely blend of oils to really nourish the hair. I love the primer from this range too and use that every time I use heat on my hair. The scent of this is absolutely amazing… if it could have it as a perfume I definitely would! After using this shampoo my hair feels so silky soft and light. If you want to splurge on a high end shampoo that will nourish your hair with oils as well as clean it super well, I recommend this one.

Bali Body Dark Self Tanning Mousse (£25.95)
I’m not the kind of girl that uses fake tan every single week – I only tend to apply it when I am going out doing something specific. I have a few different ones but I have used this Bali Body one quite a bit lately and I really love the tan I achieve with this ‘dark’ mousse. It is not green, or orange and actually looks pretty natural. It is really easy to apply too, and it soaks in so much faster than other mousse tans so you don’t feel sticky for long! It is quite pricey but for me it is worth it as I don’t go through tan super quick.

Giorgio Armani Si (£56 for 30ml)
I didn’t think I would fall in love with this fragrance as much as I have. I have had it in my collection for a while now and just haven’t been reaching for it. I received the 15ml of this as part of my leaving gift from my old job, and whilst I always thought it was a nice scent, I would never have bought it for myself as its not traditionally very ‘me’. However, the more I wear this, this more I love it! It warms up on my skin so nicely. There’s a lot of different layers to this scent and I recommend giving it a smell if you can because it is quite unique. One of my favourite things about this scent is how long it lasts – I can still smell it on myself the next day! By far this is the longest lasting scent in my collection – longer than my other favourites such as Giorgio Armani My Way & Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay. Of course everyone is different and everyone’s body chemistry holds fragrances differently and for different amounts of times, but I think I have found my scent!

That’s everything for my August favourites – have you tried any of these? What have you been using this August? Let me know in the comments below!

Jazmin xx

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