A Big Life Update!

Hey everyone, well… I never intended to be away from the blog for this long, but I have been SO BUSY and I just have a lot going on at the moment. How have you all been? I thought I would do a little life update post to fill anyone in who’s interested since I haven’t written in over 2 months.

Firstly, I’m having a baby… pretty soon! Our little boy is due in August, so I’m already in my 3rd trimester. Pregnancy has definitely had its challenges, but I’ve actually been pretty lucky in that I haven’t had a lot of sickness. Mostly, I’ve just been SO tired, so after working all day I get home and just need to sleep. It’s hard to keep on top of all of the housework at the moment, never mind writing blog posts, so it’s kind of taken a back seat.
If anyone has any baby advice please do feel free to leave it in the comments below because as a first time mum, I need alllll the tips I can get!

Secondly, we bought our first house! We rented our flat for 2 years and we loved that flat. We planned on buying maybe next year, however with the arrival of our baby happening this year, we pushed that forward and put an offer in on our house in January. It took a long time to move in but we finally got the keys at the end of April. As I’m sure everyone knows, moving house can be a lot of work, so on top of the pregnancy exhaustion, I really have been a dead man walking. The house is looking more like a home now, but we are still not there yet – we have just a few bags left to unpack, and still a few more jobs. We’ve had a lottttt of help from family members when it comes to painting and decorating, so everything is slowly coming together.

I’m the kind of person who loves organisation, lists and clear minds, so I have been quite stressed during this period, so I just haven’t had the chance to blog, however ┬ánow I’ve shared this life update I intend to slowly come back to my blog and I have a big bag of empties waiting for me when I’m ready!

Please let me know how you have all been in the comments below! Can’t wait to catch up.

Jazmin xx

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