Green shades cut and crease – Sultry Technic palette (Halloween!!)

If you’ve read my latest blog post Body care & Primark Haul – Budget friendly makeup then you’ll know I recently got a mini eye shadow palette with some greeny blue looking shades. I thought these types… View Post

Body care & Primark Haul – Budget friendly makeup

Hi everyone!! A couple of days a go I nipped into Body Care and soon found myself staring at the makeup section.. I thought it’d be a good idea to get a few cheap items… View Post

Today’s high street makeup look!!

Hi everyone, This is my first ever ‘daily makeup’ post on my blog *shocked face*!! I don’t know why I’ve not done one of these yet and this morning once I’d done my makeup I… View Post

7 deadly sins of makeup tag

Hello readers, I planned to make this post yesterday but I was just soooo busy with Uni work that it had to wait until today! But today I’m more than ready. I’ve seen the 7… View Post

September Favourites

Hey guys, so it’s finally October which means it’s definitely time to do a September faves so you all know what I’ve been loving this month!! I’ve been really enjoying reading everyone else’s favourites too… View Post