My views on animal testing & animal products

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the cruelty involved with testing on animals and the conflicting decisions as consumers we have to make. In an ideal world, beauty brands would not test on animals. I’m… View Post

Today’s high street makeup look!!

Hi everyone, This is my first ever ‘daily makeup’ post on my blog *shocked face*!! I don’t know why I’ve not done one of these yet and this morning once I’d done my makeup I… View Post

7 deadly sins of makeup tag

Hello readers, I planned to make this post yesterday but I was just soooo busy with Uni work that it had to wait until today! But today I’m more than ready. I’ve seen the 7… View Post

‘My boyfriend explains what makeup is’ tag!

Hello readers!! I’ve seen this concept a lot on WordPress and I thought it’d be pretty fun to join in on! I don’t think he knows an awful lot about makeup, but he could surprise… View Post

My daily makeup routine

Hello readers, So I thought it was about time I did a ‘my daily routine’ since it is THE thing everyone is doing and I thought some of you could be interested? (maybe…). Obviously this… View Post