Superdrug mini haul

Today I went into Superdrug for a little browse and ended up buying 4 new products, because, who can resist when you’re in Superdrug? I thought I’d share with you the products I bought. I’ll… View Post

Green shades cut and crease – Sultry Technic palette (Halloween!!)

If you’ve read my latest blog post Body care & Primark Haul – Budget friendly makeup then you’ll know I recently got a mini eye shadow palette with some greeny blue looking shades. I thought these types… View Post

Body care & Primark Haul – Budget friendly makeup

Hi everyone!! A couple of days a go I nipped into Body Care and soon found myself staring at the makeup section.. I thought it’d be a good idea to get a few cheap items… View Post

Today’s high street makeup look!!

Hi everyone, This is my first ever ‘daily makeup’ post on my blog *shocked face*!! I don’t know why I’ve not done one of these yet and this morning once I’d done my makeup I… View Post

7 deadly sins of makeup tag

Hello readers, I planned to make this post yesterday but I was just soooo busy with Uni work that it had to wait until today! But today I’m more than ready. I’ve seen the 7… View Post