The Boyfriend Tag!

Hi everyone! Recently I’ve been really into watching Youtube videos and reading posts of ‘The boyfriend tag’ and I wanted to join in because it looked fun & I’m interested as to what my boyfriend,… View Post

My views on animal testing & animal products

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the cruelty involved with testing on animals and the conflicting decisions as consumers we have to make. In an ideal world, beauty brands would not test on animals. I’m… View Post

Cut and crease warm tones using ABH Modern Renaissance

I woke up this morning and my skin felt really smooth and fresh which put me in a ‘makeup mood’ despite the fact I had nothing but a 2 hour lecture to leave the house… View Post

Nivea Soft moisturiser review

I think I’ve finally found a good moisturiser!! It may surprise some of you that I’ve never actually tried Nivea moisturiser before now, despite the fact I’ve always had super dry, often sore, skin. I’ve… View Post

New buys for holidays

Hi everyone, Tomorrow morning I’m heading off to Malta for a week and I’m super excited! So if you don’t see much activity from my blog this coming week, you know why. I’ll be back… View Post