Blogmas day 10: The Christmas Beauty Tag!

If you’ve been following my Blogmas post’s you’ll know I’ve already done the Christmas tag. However, I’ve recently seen the Christmas Beauty tag and wanted to join in because it looked so fun!!!

1. Have you been naughty or nice with your skincare this year?

At the start of the year, I was kind of awful. I just couldn’t seem to find products that worked with my skin type and kept breaking out and going really red. I was using a product with no added oils yet my skin is dry, so that’s probably why! But the past few months my skin care has got a lot better and my skin is looking great right now. You can check out my skin care routine here.


2. What’s the go to beauty or skin care product you would gift to family and friends?

That’s quite a tough one. I like gifting soap and glory products though as they look great and there is some really good gift sets.

3. Do you prefer gifting high end or drugstore products?

A mixture of both really, depending on who I am buying for and what I think they’d like. Having said that, I don’t tend to gift makeup things very often unless I know it’s something they’d definitely like. Sometimes it’s better to buy your own makeup isn’t it?

4. What beauty products are you hoping to see under your tree this year?

I’ve mentioned a few eye palettes which I’d like so maybe I will get one of those? I haven’t asked for many beauty items though, I like surprises! 🙂


5. Are there any beauty products you’re dreading to receive this year?

No, not really. I’ve never had anything beauty related gifted to me which I haven’t liked! If there was something I really didn’t like I’d just pass it on to my sister or something. It’s the thought that counts anyway.

6. Are you participating in Blogmas this year? If so, which post are you most proud of?

Yes I am! So far I’ve uploaded every day which I am really proud of. It can be tough to write and post something every single day, specially while I have so many Uni deadlines coming up. I’m proud of Blogmas day 4: Homemade gingerbread syrup. Mainly because I’m not much of a cook and this turned out really well.

7. Do you remember the first beauty product you ever received as a Christmas present? What was it?

I can’t remember at all but I wish I could. Probably some blue eyeshadow, dream matte mousse and pink lipstick knowing the trends back then.

8. What mini size product would you recommend as a present?

There are so many amazing gift sets out this year which include mini’s, brands that come to mind are Too Faced and Benefit. the Too Faced better than sex mascara is always a great mini.


9. Would you rather your family and friends ask you what you want to receive, or for them to surprise you?

I don’t mind either. I made a list this year for my boyfriend to choose a few things off but I know he’s also got me a surprise or two. I do love surprises but if someone is struggling with ideas of what to get me I don’t mind them asking either.

10. What is your favourite way to show Christmas spirit through your look or outfit?

Probably the colours. Or maybe just adding a bobble hat and scarf can look festive.


That’s all! Hope you enjoyed. I challenge everyone to do this tag. Make sure you tag me in it if you do, I would love to read your answers!

Jazmin x

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