Blogmas day 22: Festive candles

It seems like more and more people are getting into candles, which is definitely a great thing because they make whole houses smell sooo amazing. There is also so much option, specially around this time of the year, and the price range is impressive too. Me and my boyfriend really love to light candles all year round at University to make the room smell nice in a building full of students.. We go through them like crazy!

  • Yankee Candle in the scent Christmas Cookie. Oh my god this candle smells amazing and just like baking!! Baking really reminds me of Christmas because it’s usually the only time of the year I bake. I want to re-buy this one but there’s so many others to try!!!
  • Yankee Candle in the scent Christmas Garland is another one of my faves because we don’t have a real tree at home ever due to the mess they make and the cat!! But this candle smells like fresh pine, which is soo lovely and festive!
  • Gingerbread village by Zoella. If you’ve read any of my posts this Christmas, you’ll know I love the smell of gingerbread. I bought this after I got the hand cream from Zoella’s Christmas range and I literally had it lit all day for a while… Needless to say, it’s all used up.
  • Blackberry and Winter Woods candle from M&S. I’m such a big fan of berry scents all year round, but I think they are particularly popular at Christmas. This one has been one of my favourites.
  • Linea Winter berries 5 wick candle (House of Fraser). This candle is super pricey but it is actually half price online at the minute! There’s no way I could afford this one, but I very nearly bought it because it smelt and looked amazing in store, so I wanted to include it on the list. It’s like my candle wish list.
  • Festive Spice candle from Next. I love this one because it seems to last super long so it actually makes it very affordable! It has notes of berries, orange and spice.


What’s your favourite Christmas scent or candle?

Jazmin xx


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