What I got for Christmas

I hope you all had an absolutely fantastic Christmas!!! I had the best day ever, spent with my boyfriend and his family for the first time. I can’t believe the big day has happened and we have to wait another year for it to come around again.
I completed Blogmas and I am so proud of myself for blogging every day and not missing one post. I thoroughly enjoyed uploading and also reading everyone else’s great posts!

Today I wanted to quickly share with you everything I have got for Christmas so far. I say ‘so far’ because I haven’t got the things my parents and sister got me yet and will get these next week when I get to see them!! I’ll let you know what I get from them another time.

TRESemme Diffuser Dryer 2200

My hairdryer broke a while ago and I’ve been using a little travel one which I found at home. I desperately needed one and my boyfriend has got me a really good one!! I have tried it out and so far I love it a lot.


You can’t have Christmas without Chocolate and as you can see I got ALOT of it, including 6 Terry’s chocolate oranges. Very happy with this, it should last me a long time.


cat-purseI got this absolutely adorable purse with a cat on it!!! I LOVE cats so this will make a cute addition to my hand bag.

Cath Kidston set


Excuse the terrible picture, I didn’t realise how blurry it was until uploading… BUT, this set is so cute!!! I love Cath Kidston things because the packaging is sooo beautiful. This set includes, body wash, lotion and hand cream. It smells like meadow posy. I have tried the hand cream and it feels sooo soft on the hands. Love this!!!

Lucy Watson’s Basic Bitch lipsticks


You have no idea how made up I am about these TWO ‘Basic Bitch’ lipsticks. I love Lucy Watson (Made in Chelsea) and was super excited to find out she was bringing out some makeup. When I saw the price tag online I thought that maybe I would try them some time but for now I just can’t afford to spend money, so I kind of pushed them to the back of my mind. But when I opened these on Christmas day I was sooo happy! I just think that it is such a thoughtful present. I must say, I am most impressed by them too as I wore Queen Bee yesterday and it feels lovely on the lips, quite a satin finish and stayed put a long time. I’ll do a proper review on these soon šŸ™‚

Bracelet with charms

I’m such a big fan of Harry Potter so I think this bracelet was the most thoughtful thing ever. The bracelet is compatible with Pandora so I can add other charms to this too. #TeamSlytherin

Zoella bits


I’m a big fan of Zoella and I loved the candle (as you may know) so I am so happy to get a restock!! It’s currently lit in the room as I am writing this. Super happy with the mini sprays also, perfect to stick in a hand bag.

Champneys set


I really love receiving shower things for Christmas so this was an absolutely perfect gift for me! It includes a scrub, butter, wash and shower lily. It smells so so nice with notes of citrus fruit and chamomile. I have already tried the butter and oh my god, my legs felt silky afterwards.

Classic Horror book


How amazing does this book look? It’s going to look so nice on my shelf! I can’t wait to read this because I’ve been trying to read some more classics and this is a few in one!!!

MAC things


I adore MAC lipsticks, as you all probably know! This one is in the shade Impassioned and I can’t wait to try it out. I’ve already used the little palette twice now and it creates a beautiful brown and gold smokey eye. Again, super happy with these!

Ted Baker Lip balms


I can’t recommend these lip balms enough. They feel so buttery and nice on the lips, making them super super soft and moisturised!! The balm also somehow acted as a wind shield when I went outside wearing this. My lips didn’t get cracked or sore they still felt lovely!! Amazed at how good these are and excited that I have 3 pots of it.

Morphe vegan Brush setĀ 

Morphe brushes.jpg

When I opened these I honestly couldn’t believe that my boyfriend had bought them for me. I was desperate for this brush set and could have cried opening them! So far they are amazing!!! I may do a review on them in the future.

The Body Shop


Again, I love getting body things for Christmas and the fact these are coconut make me even happier! Coconut is so good for the skin so this is a extra nourishing set. I have used the scrub and absolutely love it. Can’t wait to use the other things!

Beauty OrganiserĀ 


I bought this exact same organiser for my sister this year and was desperate to get one myself! I’ve put a good chunk of my makeup things in this already and it’s making it much easier to do my makeup as I know where everything is!

Laura Geller baked gelato IlluminatorĀ 


I’ve wanted this hightlighter for sooo long and now I have got it, it doesn’t disappoint at all! It gives me such a pretty glow that reminds me of Cinderella. Now I have Charming Pink I want to try all the other colours too!! I’ll do a whole review on this in the coming weeks.


I’m made up with the things I’ve got and appreciate it all so so much, I’ve been absolutely spoiled! I hope everyone got what they wanted. Let me know in the comments below what your fave gifts were!

Christmas presents.jpg
It’s my 20th birthday on January 1st so I’ll be doing it all again in a week!! Very excited.

Jazmin xx

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