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Fairly recently I picked up the Revolution Superfruit Extract Serum / Primer, after Sophdoesnails (on YouTube) recommended it. I thought as a primer it sounded a little similar to my favourite primer – the NYX Honey Dew Me Up. Since this is half the price of the NYX one I thought it was definitely worth giving a go.

When I was thinking of purchasing this product, one thing I noticed was the lack of blog reviews on it. It was only released towards the end of 2018, so maybe that’s why I couldn’t find loads on it? However, I thought it was worth me reviewing this in case anyone is hunting for a review online. So let’s get into it.

Revolution Superfruit

Overview & Claims
This serum / primer will cost you £9.99 from Superdrug. It is also available on Beauty Bay. You get 30ml of product which is about standard. The NYX Honey Dew Me Up only contains 22ml so already this is better value for money… if it performs well!

Revolution claim that this antioxidant rich serum & primer will help protect against dryness caused by environmental damage, and will help replenish skin’s moisture level. They say it will provide a subtle iridescent shimmer for an unbeatable glow.

This sounds like the perfect way to add skin care benefits to your makeup routine!

It is free from oils & parabens, and it is also vegan and cruelty free.

The packaging is really nice too – it comes in a metallic look pink box which shines rainbow in the sun (as you can see in the pictures). The bottle is a thick frosted glass which looks really nice and more expensive than it is. However this does make me a little nervous about travelling with it. It does feel sturdy though so hopefully it will be okay!

Revolution Superfruit 1

I have been using this mostly as a primer as I like glowy / moisturising primers since my skin tends to lean on the dry side. Revolution recommend using 1 – 2 drops (from the pippette dropper) when using as a primer, and 2-3 when using as a serum. Personally I tend to use a little more than that, but I do think the recommended amount would be fine too. The liquid has a very pearly glow to it, however it doesn’t look as pearly on the skin – it simply adds a healthy glow. Which also makes this a perfect product to use on no makeup days.

Surprisingly, this smells quite strong of vanilla – I was expecting a fruity smell due to the name. The vanilla is nice, but you can smell it on your skin for a while after applying, which is something to bare in mind.
Using this provides a perfect base for makeup in my opinion – it makes foundation glide on easier and helps to prevent texture peaking through – it also has a slightly tacky feel which helps makeup stick to it better. I have been using it under the NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop which is an amazing foundation, but can look a little dry on my skin type. However, this makes the foundation look much better and stops it sticking to dry patches.
I also think this has been doing a world of good for my skin too – my complexion seems to look brighter and I feel more supple in the winter weather.

Revolution Superfruit 2

If you’re into a glowy look, I would massively recommend this product! It’s a makeup item and skin care product in one which is super versatile. I know I’ll be repurchasing when I am all out.

I do see similarities between this and the NYX Honey Dew Me Up. Both provide tacky but glowy bases and make makeup look more flawless. I still think the NYX one is a little more moisturising and flawless to use as a primer, as this Revolution one sinks in quite quickly meaning you need to work a bit faster with the foundation. However the difference is fairly minimal so I will be using this one on a day to day basis, and maybe the NYX one for special events.

Have you tried this product? Would you be tempted too? Let me know in the comments below!

As always, your support is much appreciated!

Jazmin xx


  1. February 7, 2019 / 10:19 am

    I’ve not tried any of the products from the Revolution skincare range, but this serum primer sounds like a good place to start xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  2. Wednesday Wild
    February 7, 2019 / 10:18 pm

    Interesting, I really want to try that Nyx one!

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