Nivea Soft moisturiser review

I think I’ve finally found a good moisturiser!! It may surprise some of you that I’ve never actually tried Nivea moisturiser before now, despite the fact I’ve always had super dry, often sore, skin. I’ve… View Post

A week in Malta

Hi everyone, you may have noticed I haven’t made a post in just over a week. I’m sorry about that & I’ve missed blogging loads. The reason is that I’ve been on holiday to Malta,… View Post

New buys for holidays

Hi everyone, Tomorrow morning I’m heading off to Malta for a week and I’m super excited! So if you don’t see much activity from my blog this coming week, you know why. I’ll be back… View Post

October favourites

So it’s time to say hello to November after what seems like no time at all. October has been a super hectic month drowning in work from University but I’ve still had plenty time to… View Post

Superdrug mini haul

Today I went into Superdrug for a little browse and ended up buying 4 new products, because, who can resist when you’re in Superdrug? I thought I’d share with you the products I bought. I’ll… View Post